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Presenting, Echoes, product of L'Arome International. They have designed the same fragrance from perfume to talkum powder, hair shampoo and body shampoo for both men and women.

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Authored by kevinn on 17th June 2009

36 Responses to “L’arome International”

  1. D.Bayne Says:

    What was Echoes Number 608?

  2. kevinn Says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I am so sorry I could find what is the product name for number 608. Please refer to my post on 2nd August. Thanks for reading and have a nice day ahead.

  3. kolood qutami Says:

    hi I live in America , I have been looking for this parfume the big bottle in the middle since 2001, how can I buy it if u pls I need your help.thank you

  4. kevinn Says:

    Hi, kolood,
    There are so many variety of perfumes in the market today. I am so sorry. I have no intention to sell the Echoes Perfumes which I posted in here. Its just to show that, its another kind of product being sold through MLM system. After all, it has already been used and the fragrance won’t be so nice, after a long period of time. thank you.

  5. Jim Moore Says:

    608 was a mens – would you believe.. i cant remember! maybe 'azzarro' copy?

  6. kevinn Says:

    Hello Alayne,
    Thank you for your inquiry. I have no news about L’arome Parfums ever since. I’m unable to tell whether they have tester or they are still selling / in business in the market today. If I happen to come across, I will keep you inform.

  7. kevinn Says:

    Good day, Tony.

    Yes, L'arome stopped its business about that year, 1993.

    L'arome is a British Company. They launched in 2 to 3 countries at the same time in 1 year.

    L'arome moved too fast and considering they are product based company, they are unable to produce and deliver their products on time. They can't cope up with the demand.

    L'arome was only 4 years in operation before they closed.

  8. James Winsoar Says:

    My mum was involved with L'arome Echoes and remembers being very successful with it. Is that an old photo or have you really kept the bottles all this time?

  9. kevinn Says:

    Hello James,

    Glad to know you and thank you for visiting. Yes, I kept the bottles all this while. : )

  10. Linda Says:

    I still have the tester set.  Everything still smells fresh.  I used to be very successful with their products. 

  11. ron Says:

    echoes 608 was  laromes version of mens obsession.

  12. jules Says:

    hi, i have the full tester starter kit! is it worth anything? ive been clearing out my aunt's house and have come across it, would love to know! jules

  13. kevinn Says:

    Hello Jules,
    You have full tester starter kit, and they have not been used? That’s good. Not sure what is it worth. If you have a buyer, you may want to let it go. You might want to auction it on ebay. Is it L’arome Echoes Perfumes?

  14. Buckso Says:

    Hi Alayne!
    Im pleased to tell you that you can live the dream again through new company called Federico Mahora, so in answer to your question YES! you do buy the tester kit and sell from that..if you go to my site http://www.parfumbynumbers.com then you can rejoin the company, provided youre in a country we distribute to of course!..conact me at missdill30@aol.com
    Speak soon i hope!

  15. Jules Says:

    Hi Kevinn, many thanks for getting back to me with this enquiry – I didn’t even know these things worked! I’m so shocked! its great, not sure what its all about but I’m having fun! to answer your question yes it seems the full set is here in a presentation box along with the original application form my aunt was given along with numbered perfumes and a full size bottle – thanks for that, Jules

  16. kevinn Says:

    Hello Jules,
    You are welcome. Thank you for your comment.

  17. Graeme Says:

    Hi, I work with a company called FM cosmetics which is very similar to l'arome

  18. francis Says:

    I currently have an unused kit which is complete with the paperwork listed on ebay if anyone is looking for this kit.

  19. pilar Says:

    al introducir mis datos como distribuidora de perfumes larome no me deja sale el comentario de que los datos incertados no son correcto no se que voi hacer

  20. Jim Moore Says:

    Hey Guys – just to clarify a couple of comments on here – L'Arome easily kept up with its manufacture & growth. It was in business almost 7 years, & expanded into 7 countries. The primary causes of its demise were the fact that chanel sued it / us on the basis of 'using  their trademark illegally' on the basis of a stupid outdated piece of trademark legislation that only existed in UK. (the law was later repealed) The reason they did this was because in 1989 L'Arome / Echoes was officially the best selling uk brand of perfume. L'Arome sold circa $250,000,000 usd of product over that 5-6 year period. I was one of the principals / owners.

  21. karen Says:

    I’m selling Echoes Eau De Parfume BY L'AROME now on ebay.com. My mother had it. She passed away years ago. I have so many parfumes of hers. Jan 23, 2011

  22. Rocky Says:

    Anyone know what 603 was a copy of?  If I can't find 603, I'll buy the original.
    thx, Rocky

  23. Kevinn Tan Says:

    Hi Rocky,

    Thank you for your comment.

    It is obvious, I couldn't find the perfume number 603 too. Please refer to this following link and it shows that number 603 perfume is missing from the list! – wonder what happened and where it goes, or it is not for sale, or is it a collectible items…http://runawayleg.com/echoes-parfums/

  24. David Hulse Says:

    Hi, I was a L'Arome Group Director back in the late 1980's, and what a wonderful business it was. Such a shame they had to close down.  I have tried other mlm programs but nothing excited me as much as L'Arome …… until now !   I have discovered a company that is even better, with an even wider choice of fragrances, and I invite you to explore the possibility of joining me at http://www.makeloadsamoney.com  Here you'll find my contact details. 

  25. Festa Says:

    Hi Rocky, the 603 was Polo by Ralph Lauren (dark green bottle) I think, or so I was told when I got my no: 603 back in the eighties!

  26. Jim Moore Says:

    603 was an interpretation off"polo" by Ralph Lauren…

  27. Barb Says:

    I have been trolling different sites trying to find an equivalent to the Echoes 610 for men.  My husband has a partial bottle and we are hoarding it.  I love the smell of it but havent found anything closer than obsession.  Can you tell me what comes the closest or where I can find any of the 610?

  28. Peter Glover Says:

    Wow what a site, I was no 6 in the company with 390,000 a month it was fantastic if that post is the Real Jim Moore you still owe me 12K lol tree badger 

  29. Peter Glover Says:

    wow i was no 6 in this I GOT A SHOCK TO SEE ANYONE HAD EVEN HEARD OF IT . LOL

  30. Jim Moore Says:

    503 was an interpretation of "Chanel no5"… 

  31. Mike Gallagher Says:

    Jim Moore, Where did you/L'arome buy your fragrance wallets from?

  32. go ask alice movie Says:

    Hi, Im looking for a Echoes perfume to buy for my mothers birthday,this was her number one favourite perfume from the 90s as she told me. I would love to get one if possible. It would really mean alot. It will bring back so many memories.

  33. go ask alice movie Says:

    anyone know where i could get my hands on echoe 603 for men

  34. Ravyn Guiliani Says:

    PLEASE does anyone have the equivalents chart? I am desperately trying to find out what 522, 608, 610 (and a few others) were based on?

  35. Tania Te kani Says:

    I too was a Distributor and ended up Field Manager Loved the Parfums too

  36. Mick L Says:

    In response to Ravyn.
    522 was the same family note as Passion
    608 was the same family note as Obsession
    610 was the same family note as Giorgio
    612 was the same family note as Photo

    D and myself had one of the top distributorships in
    NZ and we were members of the elite Chairman’s Cup Club
    because we talked to lots of people, carried the KIT and anyway, the products sold themselves.

    Jim Moore was/is a charasmatic motivator and always had time for anyone who was truly interested in either the products, the opportunity or both.

    VIVA L’arome – Let’s do it again.

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