Don’t Compare

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  Don't compare

  your life to others.

  You have no idea

  what their journey is all about.





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Authored by kevinn on 17th November 2012

What exactly you want?

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  You must decide


    what is it you want in life,

  no one can do this for you.




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Authored by kevinn on 1st May 2012

Directors jailed over cafe scam

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Reference to the Newspaper dated 13 Aug 2011, Island Red Cafe Franchise Sdn Bhd executive director, Teow Wooi Huat and his son, Teow Chee Chow, also a director of the company, were charged in court with fraudulently inducing 93 people to invest RM1,040,400.

They have been sentenced by Sessions Court to a day jail and fined a total of RM160,000 after they admitted to two counts of cheating and misleading investors of over RM1mil in an Island Red Cafe programme.

They also pleaded guilty before a judge to offering shares of the company to the public through the programme although at that time, it was not involved in buying and selling shares.

For the first offence, Teow and Chee Chow were each sentenced to a day in prison and fined RM20,000 in default of 20 months jail. They were sentenced to a day in prison and fined RM70,000 and RM50,000 respectively, in default of 30 months jail, for the second offence.

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Authored by kevinn on 13th August 2011


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Authored by kevinn on 4th May 2011

MLM Company

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Hi ,

     MLM.  Making Longterm Money. To earn long term money , you must ask yourself one question. Is the company you are with now can give you long term money? First check this out:

1.   Ask them to  SHOW you their AJL certificate. (If you are doing MLM in Malaysia)

2.  Do they have a monthly personal maintenance?

3.  Do they manufacture their own products in their OWN manufacturing plant?

4.  Do they have their own R&D?

5.  Can you sign up online?

6.  Is it borderless  and paperless and is it real time?

For more info please contact me for FREE advice.

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Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 12th April 2011

What about your Health?

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From Your Wholesome Health Book… here is the back portion of the book.

On your Right : Lifestyle Analysis Chart Diagram

On your Left : Map of the World ;

One of the book is original, the other, is copying the original. Which is the one?

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Authored by kevinn on 4th April 2011

9 Body Systems

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This is the continuous post from ” Your Wholesome Health ” Book, as you can see more difference if you compare further. Please turn to page 12, and you will see the colour of the “Star” at the bottom of the page. 

The Original Book has GREEN STAR logo at the bottom of the page and the GREEN STAR logo printed on all the pages.

The other Book has no STAR logo on all the pages, except on this Page 12, they have mistakenly printed only on this page, printed with a BLUE STAR logo.

Authored by kevinn on 3rd April 2011

Lifestyle A Cause of Ailments

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Hi, Please refer to our previous post, Your Wholesome Health Book, this is the inside of it.

Just look at the difference…

One with a LOGO and one, without.

I love coffee very much. I can say, never a day, without at least a cup of coffee.

Everything you consume, always on average. Overdoing is too much, it won’t be good. Everything we take, we should take moderately.

Some of us have strong lungs, we smoke, nothing happen to us. For some who have weak lungs, a stick of cigarette can make you lying down in hospital bed. 

Each of us are neither healthy nor sick. We are just doing fine at this moment.
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Authored by kevinn on 2nd April 2011

Your Wholesome Health

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Your Wholesome Health Book is a marketing tool to create awareness to your friends and prospect related to health.

This book illustrates on the life cycle of a human being, on our daily food intake, how harmful for our body and etc….

I think this short and yet simple awareness method, will make people ponder about their health.

These books are being used by distributors from two different MLM companies. 

Both the book look the same, what do you think? Which is the Original and which is not?


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Authored by kevinn on 24th March 2011

I believe in God

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The day was getting dark and it started to rain. It rain heavily all day long. The water rises and

the entire town was flooded.

You climbed and sat on the rooftop A small boat arrived to rescue you and you said

" It's alright, I believe in God, God will help me. "

And the small boat left. 

After an hour . . . 

the water rises, and so you climbed up further to another roof of your house. Another boat arrived, this time a bigger boat, with other flood victims. The man on the boat shouted "Hey, come, jump on board " and knowing you can't swim and you said boldly,  

" No, it's alright, I believe in God and God will help me. "

It's getting dark and the water rises further. . .

This time, you are on the tree. A helicopter came, throw down a ladder to you. The man in the heli, shouted, and you said, 

" It's alright, I believe in God and God will help me " and the helicopter flew away.

Bang!!! Lighting strike the tree you are on, and you fell off.

You went up the stairs and met God. You angrily ask Him,

Why ? Why ? Why ?

Why you take me from my family, friends and all my loved ones ?

I believe in you and You will help me. WHY didn't you help me ? 

Then, God replied

First, I send a small boat to rescue you, BUT you didn't take it,

Secondly, I send you a bigger boat, more comfortable boat, BUT you still didn't take it,

Finally, I send a helicopter to fetch you from the tree, BUT you still didn't take it !!! 


Authored by kevinn on 20th March 2011

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