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This sounds similar to Agent 007 (Agent double O seven) but its not.

An MLM distributor with this position, zero zero one (001), means he is the number one person to be recruited direct by the company. All the rest of the distributors will be under him. The person who is immediately below him will be the zero zero two.

This zero zero one person will be someone who has the experience needed to run the MLM company, giving advice and producing sales for the company. Not only he will be rewarded with MLM bonuses, but he is also given allowance to make things happen for this newly established MLM company.

Zero zero one will be earning good income. But this doesn't prevent him or her to jump to another company, if the other company provides a better pay and bigger income opportunity. It could be some sour relationships going on between him and the company men.

He is also a very influencial guy, having the ability to both talk and bring in people to the company. He is responsible to make the company grow and being recognized by other distributors from other MLM companies.

If he is a zero zero one, he is somebody who knows his stuff. But again, not all zero zero one knows his stuff that well. It depends on his experience and exposure in the MLM business he has been involved with. Zero zero one improves as he goes along.

As zero zero one learns and improvized, MLM industry becomes more interesting in all aspects including the products, people behind the company, the strategies being used and especially the marketing plan.

Zero zero one is an important person as an upline, an advisor to the company and also a mentor, someone who we (distributors) could look up to and hope for in growing our business together. 

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Authored by kevinn on 19th April 2009

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