Your wish is my command

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aladdin magic lamp

This is a story of three very good friends, good buddies stranded on an island.

They were stranded on an island far away, after a ship wreck. As they were walking around the island in search for food, one of them accidentally kicked a lamp from the bushes. He picked it up and started to clean it, rubbing the lamp.


And as he rubs the lamp, a smoke come out of the lamp and a genie appeared. The three friends was shocked. It is not just a  lamp, it was a magic lamp.

The genie looked down onto the three little people and express his gratitude for his freedom from being stucked,  in the lamp all his life. The lamp is like a prison to him.

” I will grant each of you a wish, your wishes will come true! ” said the genie, as his gift to them, as a token of appreciation.

One of them said, this can’t be true! replied to the genie, in disbelieve.


“Yes my master, your wish is my command! “replied the Genie.

One of them came closer to the genie with no delay and said : I wish to leave this island and be with my family, my wife and my two children at home.


Yes my Master, your wish is my command!

” PUFF  ”  – the first man disappeared and he is now with his beloved family in their home sweet home. He is the happiest man on earth.


When they saw the wishes came true, the second friend pushes the other and goes to the Genie and quickly make his wish ” I wish to be in a casino on a cruise, drinking my favourite cocktail, winning every game and make a lot of money!


Yes my Master, your wish is my command!

” PUFF ” – the second man is now on board of a luxury star cruise, drinking his margarita, and making a lot of money!  He became very rich in an instant!


Then the genie look at the third person and ask “Master, you seems to look unhappy. Why are you sad? What can I grant you?


Then the last person, said, ” I miss my two friends very much and I wish they were back with me now”




” PUFF ”  ….  ” PUFF ”


.  .  .   guess what?



  • Authored by kevinn on 4th November 2013

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