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Recently, I went for lunch at a restaurant. I ordered my food and drink.

After I am done, I approached the cashier counter to pay for my meal.

There was no one at the counter. So I waited patiently and the other staff noticed I was there, but they continued with their work. I was ignored. I asked the other staff in the beverage section to assist. He said " wait for the cashier "

So, I waited. There was another customer came and wanted to buy a bottle of mineral water. He couldn't wait, put down the bottle and left.

So I did the same! Hahaaha…

I don't know about the other guy who took some sweet and wanted to pay for his meal. He was there at the counter with me, waited for about 5 minutes to make payment. I have no idea what he do, after he saw me left.

I think back and put myself in the restaurant owner's shoe and felt that was a lost for the restaurant. The restaurant is open for business and provide service but didn't get paid from me and a few others. What if the cashier is not there for that whole day and no one from other department come to assist? How much they will lose?

So, the lesson is "Whatever you do, you must get paid." Same goes to MLM business. As distributors, everyone should know how are they being paid for their effort. They will know if they learn about the Marketing Plan for the MLM company he/she represent.

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Authored by kevinn on 20th March 2010

2 Responses to “You must get paid”

  1. hock Says:

    Can you please give me the shop's address?

  2. kevinn Says:

    Hello Mr. Hock.

    I’m sure you and everyone want to go there! But for a good reason, I like to make it confidential. What a joke : ) Laugh Out Loud !!!

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