You got to pay the price

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You have got to pay the price!


” Get FREE things out there “

Does it sounds nice? –  Of course!

. . . . . you got cheated.


They say that ” You can win a price!”  or   “You have won a price!”

. . . . . you got cheated

Why you got cheated? It is because of greed !


Please do this, you are required to do this and that, and invest your money in order to get your price / huge rewards.

You will end up losing more of your hard earn money.

Why you got cheated ? It is again, because of greed!


Perhaps it is not because of greed! alone. It is because we want more in life, we want something better for ourselves and our families. 

All of us needs money / income to survive, we are working to make ends meet. 

There are NO such things! as big, fast and easy money coming rolling to you.

If one does not have enough, please start with a part-time job. 

I repeat, there are no fast way of earning money. You have got to put in effort and time. You have got to invest your effort and time to earn your extra money.


make ends meet :  to have enough money to pay for your basic expenses.



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Authored by kevinn on 21st May 2014

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