What car you drive?

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Good day everyone,

What car are you driving? Does it matter?

Perhaps, you might be asking "What does a car got to do with the MLM business you are doing? 

Here is a real life example. 3 years ago, my dad introduced me to his old friend, who then became our upline in a Multi Level Marketing business. I signed up under him and my dad signed up as my downline.

I brought my upline along to see my prospects and to see how he does the product and business presentation, so that I could learn and do the business at the same time.

My dad said, he was doing quite well and his earning is about 20,000 ringgit monthly for 8 months consecutively and he started about 2 years back.

I was also informed by dad, that he was driving a simple car. Many of his friends doubted that he is successful in this business because he was only driving the cheapest car in the market. 

This also happened to my prospects, when I told them he was earning 5 figure income and shown his photocopied monthly income statement.

Non of his relatives and friends believe that he is earning good income from his MLM business until he changes his car to a Mercedes Benz.

After he changes his car, his business grows tremendously and the more he do the business, the better the chances of closing the deal.

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Authored by kevinn on 26th April 2009

2 Responses to “What car you drive?”

  1. Hock. H.E. Tan Says:

    Seeing is believing. Sometimes you don’t have to see to believe. Everyone can see the sun rises from the east and travels or moves to the west. The ‘fact’ is the earth moves, but has anyone on this earth sees the earth moving? Therefore you can also believe in something you cannot see.

  2. kevinn Says:

    The Sun and Earth is a good example of how we view and evaluate things around us.

    This has been and always will be the public view of a successful person, which is not right to judge someone from the car he/she drives. The clothes he wear, and so on.
    It may happen the other way round.

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