What can we buy today?

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Took out coins and place on the table… Macha – ” Roti Telur, minum…hmm.. Nescafe Nipis Tarik … Tarik.. ah ! “

As he placed my food on the table, I asked “Berapa?” (How much). He replied : “Tiga, Dua” (Three, Twenty)

Oh.. forgotten to take the photo of the food before I begin, guess I was hungry….Luckily I haven’t finish it! This is what I get, This is my breakfast for Three, Twenty. 

I believed, roti canai was around 50 cents, those days? and a glass of teh tarik or nescafe would be around 20 or 30 cents?

Nowadays, with so many cafe and franchise outlets coffee places, you would get a simple white coffee from 3.20, 3.50 or 3.80 a cup. Not having anything to munch yet, toasted bread would cost you 1.60 up to sandwich 5.90, a plate of fried rice would cost you probably 7.90, 9.90, noodle about 6.90, for example. At the end of the day, you know how much you will be paying. 

What would you be getting with 3.20 in near future? If the cost of things increases 6 to 8 times, will our income/salary increases 6 to 8 times? Many things are going up, the cost to send your children to further their education, Medical expenses, Fuel, many more. 

If we stay with what we have, doing nothing with it, we will be facing trouble! 




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Authored by kevinn on 26th September 2012

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