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You are trading time for money (income), if you are working for someone, private sector and working for the government. This is call linear income.

In MLM business there is no exception. MLM people also exchange their time to earn income, but in a unique way. Let’s see how it is different.


In MLM business, as you begin sharing the opportunity, you are spending your time in building your business. 

Let’s look at the diagram, and let us show you how it is read, the letter T represent Time and $ is income and we look at it horizontally and from top to bottom of the diagram.

As you begin your business, you start to learn, to make first appointment, to begin sharing the business opportunity, to sponsor, to sell the first product, etc. It takes some time to grow.

You will find out, it takes some time to build your business organization and the return is very small. As shown from (Point A), the T spend is so much and the $ is small. 

When you keep on doing it persistently and correctly, you spend lesser time than the time you spend when you first started and your income grows bigger. This is from the (Point B) horizontal line. It looks like the T spend is equal to the income earned.

As you build, coach and duplicate to more of your downliners to do the same, your time spend on the business will be much lesser, and your income grows even more. (Point C) Less numbers of (T) time, and more income, the ($$$$$$$$) dollars signs!

 This is the quality time spend with your loved ones, or perhaps you would have plan some time for travelling and so on. Time to retire early and having the money to enjoy your life. 

This is how it looks like. This is what MLM business can do for you.

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Authored by kevinn on 31st August 2015

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