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Good day to you.

Dear friends, followers, loyal visitors, fellow comrades, it has been a while, since I write, and half of the year already left behind us. 

As we are aware of the product pricing difference in MLM, whereby one enjoy the membership price by joining as a MLM member, rather than just a customer, one may buy products below membership price at certain point of time.

In some MLM companies, there are choices of products packages, which gives members choices of singular purchase or bulk order for lower price, e.g. 1 product for $100,  3 products at $250 and 5 products at $380 and so on. 

There are some distributors from certain companies who sell MLM products below the membership price. The reason they do this is because, probably,  they are short of cash and they are desperate to earn back their capital/investment. These are the low quality distributors.  

They are concentrating on making big fast money from the marketing plan and willing to let go their products below the price they bought. They are not making retail profit from selling the product, nor will they breakeven/get back their capital. They lose by throwing at low prices, but gain bonuses from the marketing plan.

This method of letting go of products at lower price, will spoil the market, especially to other distributors of the same MLM company. If you look at the bright side, you may buy at the lower price and sell for a profit. 


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Authored by kevinn on 14th July 2012

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