The Importance of Marketing Plan

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In doing MLM, choosing the right plan is very important. Why do I say so?

I am from Malaysia and there is a company named Nature Sunshine Products.

This company has been selling the SAME products but has been changing its MARKETING PLAN , FOUR times.

The plan represents the horse . The product represents the cart.

It is the horse that moves the cart, NOT the the other way round. A company can have MANY products but it can have ONLY ONE plan. One Marketing Plan, some called it Compensation Plan.

Thank you for reading. Before I leave, remember this quotation.


by : Hock H.E.Tan

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Authored by kevinn on 2nd September 2010

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  1. Lim Says:

    I agree , look at some MLM companies.  They change their Martketing Plans 2 to 3 times .  WHY?      The leaders will say that the previous plan is NOT so good. This 2nd plan is better.   Than after maybe 1 to 2 years later . The company come up with the 3rd plan.  This 3rd plan is the best.   Than after another year the company close down because the plan is the best.
    This happens too many times .  Later the SAME  " LEADER" comes to see us again  with  another new company.  This time this company"s plan  is the best in THE WORLD.  
    But believe me MLM is here and here to stay, until there is something better than MLM we will all be listening to the same music.  Happy listening.

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