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Not only in building your MLM business, in life, you must have a target for yourself.

A target is knowing what you want to achieve. What exactly do you want?

Ask ourselves, this number one question : " What do I want? "

"We have to think of July. Month of June is already solved. July, we don't know what will happen", said Stanley. This is a norm, when it comes to business. You may do well this month and you know how much you will be getting, but you are not sure of your business in the coming months.

In MLM, there are some sales target that we need to achieve to entitle us for bonuses. Some company's compensation plans requires you to maintain personal sales, some is group sales and some requires you to maintain both personal and group sales each month.

Beside the sales requirement to entitle for bonuses or income, there are other targets that you may want to set for yourself. Every month, one should set a target to close certain sales for himself.

A target actually gives you a route to achieve something that you have set. It also helps you to evaluate your performance and helps you to watch your activities and to see what went wrong. It also eliminates procrastination.

"What is procrastination? your words are very deep, I need to open my dictionary," said Stanley, laughing, saying that word is more than 12 letters.

There is this saying :

" It is not enough to aim, you must hit your target ! "

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Authored by kevinn on 6th July 2010

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