Unilever going into MLM

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  Unilever got their AJL 931915 last week. They will be operating their business on 19th October, 2011.

  Their office will be near Hilton PJ . I am interested because:

1. It is a stable company.

2. It has a proven marketing plan.

3. Products of very high quality.

4. Very good support system.

I can elaborate one by one if you are interested. Thank you .


Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 22nd July 2011

Unilever Shirt

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This was taken about 10 minutes ago.

"Hey, I like your shirt, very nice, can I have one?", the man in yellow asked… 

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Authored by kevinn on 10th May 2011


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On your right – Aviance Leave-On Hair Supplements is one of many products from Unilever,

under the personal care brands, also inclusive of Dove, Lux, Lifebuoy, Clear, Axe, Sunsilk and a more.

Aviance is product of Unilever. 

Unilever was formally known as Lever Brothers, which was a British manufacturer founded in 1885.

Unilever were in Thailand, operating as Multi-Level Marketing method, for about 10 years. We believe they'll be coming into Malaysia market this year 2011, probably in October, or by end of this year.

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