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      You may delay, 

      but time will not.

-Benjamin Franklin




Authored by kevinn on 29th December 2017

Time and Income

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You are trading time for money (income), if you are working for someone, private sector and working for the government. This is call linear income.

In MLM business there is no exception. MLM people also exchange their time to earn income, but in a unique way. Let’s see how it is different.


In MLM business, as you begin sharing the opportunity, you are spending your time in building your business. 

Let’s look at the diagram, and let us show you how it is read, the letter T represent Time and $ is income and we look at it horizontally and from top to bottom of the diagram.

As you begin your business, you start to learn, to make first appointment, to begin sharing the business opportunity, to sponsor, to sell the first product, etc. It takes some time to grow.

You will find out, it takes some time to build your business organization and the return is very small. As shown from (Point A), the T spend is so much and the $ is small. 

When you keep on doing it persistently and correctly, you spend lesser time than the time you spend when you first started and your income grows bigger. This is from the (Point B) horizontal line. It looks like the T spend is equal to the income earned.

As you build, coach and duplicate to more of your downliners to do the same, your time spend on the business will be much lesser, and your income grows even more. (Point C) Less numbers of (T) time, and more income, the ($$$$$$$$) dollars signs!

 This is the quality time spend with your loved ones, or perhaps you would have plan some time for travelling and so on. Time to retire early and having the money to enjoy your life. 

This is how it looks like. This is what MLM business can do for you.

Authored by kevinn on 31st August 2015

Time for your children

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For a child,

LOVE is spelt T.I.M.E




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Authored by kevinn on 22nd February 2015

Give Time

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Time heals



almost everything.



Give time, time.




Authored by kevinn on 23rd November 2012

Time will wait for no man!

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   Why wait for tomorrow,

                                  Today will be history

   when you can make the decision today,

                                  Now is the future.


                                            – by Yeogynth and Gopal Ram



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Authored by kevinn on 26th October 2012

Buying Time

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Hello once more…

All of us have equal time frame, 24 hours a day.

We have got a job, our personal life, we are responsible for our daily chores, and there is no way to get everything done. Buy yourself some time, is to delegate your chores, hire some one to do some task, and learn to cut corners. Buy time is to save time.

Let's talk about our daily life. For those travel by car, as we park our cars, what are we suppose to do?

Scratch parking tickets, either for half an hour or an hour, and place it on your dashboard.

After you have done your tasks, maybe banking transaction, meeting your friend, shopping, buying your groceries, etc, then you move on. Sometimes, you will not feel at ease, while you are doing your things. If the 1/2 hour or 1 hour is over, you will run to your car to scratch a new parking ticket.

We are actually buying time. You buy 1/2 hour or 1 hour, to do your thing. If you don't scratch your tickets and place it on your dashboard, or you have exceeded the time frame of the ticket, you will get a summon, a penalty – another ticket for you to pay.

Are we not actually buying time? buying the time of our lives, buying our own time.

The definition of  "buy" is to get/purchase something, to obtain something.

We are spending and losing time each day, but we are buying time!  

After we have scratched those tickets, it can't be used anymore, and we threw them away to the dustbin.  

By the way, these are prepaid tickets, pay before use. Make sure you put them in your car, If you misplace them, you will have to buy again. 

Can we abolish this parking tickets method and save more trees? Let us park our cars, do our activities at ease, and drive on, move on with our lives. 

Nowadays, we are talking about saving the environment, throw rubbish into appropriate recycle bins- bottles, cans and paper bins. Less trees, more heat. Don't you feel the heat these days? 

When trees cut down to expand land, trees will let out the carbon dioxide that has been stored upon the photosynthesis process. Each particle of carbon dioxide released to the air adds to the greenhouse gases, and result to global warming.


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Authored by kevinn on 28th July 2012

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