MLM is for everybody

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  Do you agree with me that, 30 years ago when people heard about MLM, they think that MLM is for school drop outs and for those who do not have proper jobs. 

  Now it is different. Professionals, successful people and millionaires are also doing MLM. Robert Kiyosaki is talking about MLM.

  MLM is for everybody, but not everybody want to do MLM.

Anybody who plug into the system can possibly make a lot of money and change their lifestyle, no matter what education background you come from, your culture, your religion, etc.

Many rags to riches stories you can read from most MLM company magazines, newsletters and bulletin will give you the inspiration to do MLM Business.

You may have attended some of the MLM Recognition Nights, the Annual Anniversary to hear their Success Stories. 

They are real life stories. If you compare yourself with them, we are no different.




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Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 1st July 2011

It can continue to grow on its own

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Why We Joined MLM – Steve and Linda Rhodes, Vermont

Linda is a licensed practical nurse, and before my accident, I did carpentry work. Even though I get around in a wheel-chair, there are days that I can't get out because of weather or illness.

But my organisation still makes sales, which means that I still make a profit!

What impressed me about Multi-Level Marketing was the multiplication of numbers. At certain point in the business, it can continue to grow on its own.

I would encourage others in a situation similar to mine to do MLM. It's simple to do, can make you some good money, and it doesn't have to take up a lot of time.

There are days when I need extra rest or medical attention. If I were working for someone else, this could present a problem. With MLM, my income continues as my downline organisation keeps growing.

Written by David Roller, How To Make Big Money in Multi-Level Marketing, page 24


Authored by kevinn on 15th June 2009

I asked myself if I was making what I was worth

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Why I joined MLM – Ron Krueger, Wisconsin

I was in executive sales with a Fortune 500 company, and my first reaction to MLM was negative. I was naive enough to think that I would make my money in the work world.

In the work world I learned that my destiny was not in my control , but was controlled by the company for which I worked. I had a group of accounts, but they wouldn’t let me expand my territory. Plus, they were not coming out with any new products.

I began thinking. I asked myself if I was making what I was worth. I wondered, I had had so much fun working for myself when I was a kid, and then had grown up to be an employee of someone else!  So, I decided to become the president of my own lemonade stand again.

Another question came to my mind! How would you like to own your life – and make what you are worth?

MLM is word-of-mouth advertising. With most business investments being so high, MLM is reasonable way to get into business for yourself.


Written by David Roller, How to Make Big Money in Multi-Level Marketing, page 20 

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