The Process of Success

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        SUCCESS  IS  A   3  STEP   PROCESS

           START IT

               DO IT

           FINISH IT





Authored by kevinn on 27th December 2017

Judge Your Success

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Judge your success

by what you had to give up

in order to get it. 



 } else {

Authored by kevinn on 25th December 2016

Success and Failure

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Success is a heavy burden,

but not as heavy as failure.



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Authored by kevinn on 24th July 2016


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Success is a journey,

not a destination




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Authored by kevinn on 19th September 2015

Be happy

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As a living being, we experience all kinds of feelings. We are all human, there are ups and downs. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are sad for some reasons. Sometimes we don’t even know the reason.

“Happiness is a state of mind – we are as happy as make up our minds to be”. Abraham Lincoln.

Try this : as you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, smile for a few seconds and say : Today, I choose to be happy! say it to yourself again:)



Authored by kevinn on 1st August 2015


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     It Is Desire

     Not Ability

     that Determines







Authored by kevinn on 14th July 2015


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Some people dream of success…

while others

wake up and work hard at it.







Authored by kevinn on 24th January 2015

The road to success

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Success is sweet.

But the road to success is very bitter.

So bitter that one could be forced to doubt

the sweetness of success.

– Terry Mark







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Authored by kevinn on 16th September 2014


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      ” When you want to succeed

         as bad as you want to breathe,

         then you will be successful. “







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