Like attracts Like

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People who are looking for a money game compensation plan will get attracted to a MLM company who play this game.

MLM company designed in many ways to attract certain kind of group.

those who likes the long term and stable income will be involved / will be with the MLM company who has that attributes.

Authored by kevinn on 28th December 2017


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Perspective has a wide meaning and to make it easy to understand, it simply means point of view.

A subject or topic of discussion is viewed by many people around us.

Each of these people has their own view on a single, same subject and they are not wrong, they are all correct.

An individual acts / reacts in a certain way depends on many reason – from the way they are brought up, culture, believes, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, background, needs, wants and desires. No two human beings are exactly the same, even twins.

Some people may define Multi-Level Marketing business as a get rich quick scheme. The reason because they join the company, with an intention to make a lot of money in a very short time. For the first timer who joined with a group of leaders, who play the money game method, these first timer will never get involve in any of these MLM business, when they fail in their first MLM company. To first timer, MLM is a money game.  The way we look at things. 


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Authored by kevinn on 15th September 2016

“Why you do MLM?”

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Today, 27th August 2011, I had the opportunity to finally meet and ask a professional, his reason for doing MLM.

"Why you do MLM?".

He said "one word – Leveraging"

You are leveraging your energy and your income. You are getting 10 people down your level to market a product and they get 10 each, it will be 100 people, in your next level, and so on. You are leveraging your effort and income you are earning. This is Multi-Level Marketing.

Not the same as direct selling. Direct Selling is like, if you are selling a bar of soap and knock on each doors, you got to knock on 100 doors yourself. In MLM, you get consumers, who also your distributors, who also get their friends to do the same, consume and distribute. Their friends will bring others, whom you do not know them at all. That's marvellous!!!" 

You can look at MLM like an Insurance, MLM can give you Residual Income, when you have build your network and if anything happens to you, the income benefit will be given to your next of kin (your children, and can be past down to their next generation).

He is building his MLM business and running all over Malaysia.

Looking at his age, "Where do you get all the energy?" I asked.

" It's all about attitude! " he said.

" You have to take care of your health, no smoking, and I don't drink."


Guest : Joseph Lim  (Accountant by profession)

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