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    ”  This is a world

           of action, 

      not for droning in.  “


                                              – Oscar Wilde – 



droning in ( root word : drone ) definition : A male bee, especially a honeybee, that is characteristically stingless, performs no work, and produces no honey. Its only function is to mate with the queen bee. An idle person who lives off others; a loafer. A person who is lazy and idle.



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Authored by kevinn on 26th November 2016


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How is your current lifestyle?

Do you like your current lifestyle? Are you living the lifestyle that you want / dream about?

If you do, congratulations! If you don’t! You may want to consider doing something with your life, now, or else it will be the same 5 years from now.

Pray and be grateful, be thankful and appreciate with whatever you have right now, say thank you for having good health, family and a career, etc, but if you want something more, you got to do something.


Would you like to have a better lifestyle? 

If you are not having the lifestyle that you wish for, perhaps what you are doing now is not bringing you closer to it. 

No matter how much you are earning, pardon me, if you are trading an hour for an hour of wages, then you are earning linear income. 

Let’s build a secondary career, bringing you residual income.

This graft is easily understood and it make sense, and it was similarly drawn by my dad to me years ago. My friend brought me to meet his friend/mentor whom draw at the same time elaborate to me, sharing his MLM business.  

He made me realized that I have got to do something about my life. I think from time to time, each of us have to get this kind of awareness within us.} else {

Authored by kevinn on 3rd October 2015

Great Things

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Great things are done

by a series of

small things

brought together.

– Vincent Van Gogh




Authored by kevinn on 31st January 2015

The Greatest Loss in Life

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Mathematic Class

Income = Time + Energy

income equals to time plus energy

Everyone is working. Everyone! Well, most of us are,  trading time and effort (energy) to earn money. All of us are basically doing something to make a living.

“Working for things, which money can buy” – You have heard this phrase before, right?

Each and everyone of us have our unique goals / wants in life. It could be anything. Your goals are unlimited. The sky’s the limit. Example, it could be aiming for a second car for your spouse, a chopper or a superbike for yourself, build a home for orphanage, etc. One day passes by, you are going home after your work, feeling tired and exhausted. You have your dinner, and soon it’s time to bed, rest time for your mind and body. All of us go to bed every night. All of us wake up the next day, everyday.

If you wake up the next morning, looking at the ceiling of your bedroom, please take a deep breath! You are ALIVE !!! Meaning, you are given another day!  You have been given another chance. You dress up and took LRT, a public transport or drive, you be on your way to work. You perform your daily routine. Day in and day out, you are doing the same thing, over and over again. Perhaps, you are happy and contented with whatever you have right now. If you are, then carry on doing it. But if you are not – you may ponder and think about it. Ask yourself – Are you missing something ? Some may say : Nope, I didn’t miss anything. I don’t loose anything in life, I have everything already!

Question : What is the Greatest Loss in Life?

The greatest loss in life ……is what dies inside of us while we are still alive!

Anyone alive today can become somebody, can be anything! You, your dad, your sister, your brother, your uncle, your neighbour, anyone. There are so many possibilities out there and opportunities are unlimited for those alive today. If you are still alive, chances are still there.

I have seen many elderly people, trying their luck. This include my grandma, who is 85 years old, taking chances on 4 digits lottery and other lottery tickets, etc. She have been trying her luck on numbers. She never give up. She is alive and she is striving for something. She still have the hope, a believe. She could possibly win a fortune. Who knows?

Try this :

Choose one morning, wake up, and get ready earlier than you normally do. I know everyone is rushing to work in the morning. Please do this 5 minutes of observation. Do this before you start your busy day at work. Just spare 5 minutes, after your breakfast or while waiting for your breakfast to be served, or while you are waiting at the traffic lights. Observe around you, the people having their breakfast, people on their mobile phones, people driving and people riding their bikes, everyone have their wants, their goals, their purpose in life. They are heading somewhere. They have direction, a destination to go to. Are they going to where they want to go?

Other than our duties, some of us may have tried new businesses or ventures, and when they failed, they never want to do it again. They quit and given up. Never ever want to do it again all their life. They got back to their daily routine.

Are you living a life, or just doing what you do everyday and not looking for better things in life? This include myself who is saying this to you. You already given up your life if you are contented. You are alive, but there is nothing alive in you, anymore.

” Yes, the feeling of gratefulness, thankfulness, being happy, being healthy and contented is important, but strive for more in life.” – this is the saying, I will never forget.

If you have your wants in life, which have not fulfilled. If you have a plan which you have put off for some time, pick it up. Whatever you want to do, go for it.

Simply to say – Do what you going to do while you still alive, and do it the right way.

Please excuse me, no intention to offend anyone. 


Authored by kevinn on 26th July 2014


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   B  E   G  I   N   N  I   N  G


   P   R   O   G   R  E   S   S


   S    U    C   C    E    S   S

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Authored by kevinn on 6th January 2014

Where will you be 5 years from now?

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How different are you now, compared to 5 years ago?

Alright… I know…I know… this was an old poster, year 1994 to 1998, 5 years ago.

I am asking myself this question too. Where was I, 5 years back, and today?

. . . and Now, I am asking you : “What are you today, compared to 5 years ago?”

Were you the same old person, doing the same old things? If you are, then you will be the same today, compared to 5 years ago.

Answer : Not much changes, one thing for sure, you have spend your 5 youthful years, and you can never get back.

What you are today, is the result of your decision of the past. What you do today, will create what you are tomorrow.  

How many more 5 years have you got to make changes in your life?

Make your decision to change, and take action now! 

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The fastest way

to improve your relationships 

is to make others feel important

in every way possible.






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does not


take away

tomorrow's TROUBLES,


it takes away

today's PEACE.




Authored by kevinn on 10th August 2012

What I’ve done

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What I've done

by Linkin Park… huh!!! Nice song, don't you think so?



never tell the world what you're

going to do TELL IT WHAT




Yeah, What I've done ?

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Authored by kevinn on 12th June 2012


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  S   U  C  C  E   S   S   F   U   L

  PERSON      AND       OTHERS

  IS     NOT     A     LACK     OF

  S   T    R    E    N    G    T    H

  NOT       A       LACK        OF 

  K   N   O   W   L   E   D   G   E


 W     I     L      L 



                               – VINCE LOMBARDI –



Authored by kevinn on 15th April 2012

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