Spend wisely

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Do you sometimes wonder where does the money go? 

If you are earning RM5,000 a month, which is RM 166.00 a day. But you are spending more than what you earn.

How much effort and time spend on earning but you can spend it in minutes! Your income or saving all gone! 

Authored by kevinn on 29th December 2017


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     More Money

              More Choice


     Less Money

              Less Choice


     No Money

             No Choice


Authored by kevinn on 17th July 2015

Earn And Spend

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    your money





     have it.


Thomas Jefferson




Authored by kevinn on 14th December 2013

Value of Money

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What is the actual value of 1 Ringgit now? or What can you buy with RM50, today?

How much do you pay for a cinema movie in 1963 ?  my dad answer me : 40 cents

How much is a car in 1972?  Toyota KE20 is RM7,300 and a Honda C70 Motorbike is RM450

A plate of Mee Goreng (Fried Noodle) is RM0.30 in 1960’s

1970’s  teh tarik (tea with milk) is RM0.10 (ten cents) a glass. Now the same teh tarik cost RM1.20

What is the value of 1 Ringgit now?

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