Turn to MLM fulltime

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What makes you to decide to leave this company?

Authored by kevinn on 19th August 2023

The Future of Network Marketing

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“The future of Network Marketing is unlimited. There’s no end in sight. It will continue to grow because better people are getting into it. It would be one of the more respected business methods in the world”


Authored by kevinn on 22nd September 2016

Choose to do MLM

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MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) started in 1931 during the depth of depression in USA. The Malaysian Government approved the Act called the Direct Selling Act (DSA) in June 1993.
There are also MLM companies without Akta Jualan Langsung (AJL) Licence, in Malaysia. Many people are afraid of MLM companies.

Last week, a friend showed me another company with no AJL, no office, no product and doesn’t know who is the management. All they have are upline’s mobile numbers. The interesting part is, a lot of people joining. Distributors bringing another distributor to join this company,which later will be conned by them.

In 1972, there was a company named, Holiday Magic, which was the number 1 of such company in Malaysia. People being conned 20 years ago, today and many more years to come.
But there are still people getting involve in MLM until today and will continue to do so in the future.

Why do people join or do MLM? What is so special about MLM? If you say its about making money, becoming rich… Well, we have doctors, lawyers, lecturers, accountants, engineers, professional people, even millionaires are doing MLM. They are making lots of money already, but then, why are they still going into MLM?
Get in touch with me. Before you join any MLM company, please do not hesitate to ask my point of view. I just don’t want you to be conned.




Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 4th February 2014

Conventional vs MLM

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I would like to make a comparison between Conventional Business and MLM Business. 

Lets look at the Conventional Business and how it works.

Cost of a product from the Manufacturer is at $10.00, for example.

Wholesalers will raise up the price to $12.00, in making a profit of $2.00 for themselves.

When the product arrives in another person's hand in every countries, it will add another $2.00.

For easy calculation, we use $2.00.

In the states, they will make a profit of $2.00. Now the price of the product will become $16.00.

When it branches out to the districts, they make their share of profit.

Finally, it reaches the shop to be sold to customers.

Customers ended up paying $20.00.

On the other hand, in MLM Business, the products arrives directly to customers. All the cost in between will be given to customers who distributes and market the products to other customers.

This diagram shows a bigger picture of how the business is run between a Conventional Business and a MLM Business.

Authored by kevinn on 10th June 2009

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