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    My friend wants me to check out on one local MLM company, which deals with the malaysian school syllabus.

The 1st thing that strike my mind is:

1. The market is limited to school children in Malaysia. 

Why not join an international MLM company operating in 50 countries and a product which every human can drink everyday for the rest of their lives and the company rank in the top 10 in the world? A stable company which started in 1970s.

2. This company which just started and don’t even know whether it will last a year.

There are so many companies and products in the world to choose from. Lets look at the products which is able to penetrate into the market, globally, to reach each and everyone, and everyone needs it, no matter whether you are young or old, etc… 

For me , I am looking at the plan . A company can have 100 products but it can have only one plan. We can not deny, Products are important. Please don’t forget about the income. The Compensation Plan is equally important too, in fact much more important.

It is proven that the top earner in the world comes from a company which started in 2005 , while the 2nd top earner comes from a company which started in 1959.

  What is your comment?

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