Life Cycle

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One night, after our dinner, I was resting with my family in our living room, watching TV, together with grandpa. He will normally read his books in his room, but today he’s with us. I was looking at my grandpa, yawning and on the round small table is his favourite black coffee. He will take a couple of sips and stop. He will just throw away the rest of it.

I was wondering, how he has bring up, raise up my dad, brought him to school, until today. And my dad in return taking care of him now.

My dad raise me and my brother until where we are today. He taught us about life. These friends who has blood ties, that stay together, is called family.

There will come a time, when they retire, we as children, it is our duty to take care of them. 

One day, we will stop working, retire, and grow old. And the cycle goes again.


Authored by kevinn on 28th December 2017

Make the most of life

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Don’t audit life.

Show up and 

make the most of it now.



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Authored by kevinn on 23rd October 2013

Buying Time

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Hello once more…

All of us have equal time frame, 24 hours a day.

We have got a job, our personal life, we are responsible for our daily chores, and there is no way to get everything done. Buy yourself some time, is to delegate your chores, hire some one to do some task, and learn to cut corners. Buy time is to save time.

Let's talk about our daily life. For those travel by car, as we park our cars, what are we suppose to do?

Scratch parking tickets, either for half an hour or an hour, and place it on your dashboard.

After you have done your tasks, maybe banking transaction, meeting your friend, shopping, buying your groceries, etc, then you move on. Sometimes, you will not feel at ease, while you are doing your things. If the 1/2 hour or 1 hour is over, you will run to your car to scratch a new parking ticket.

We are actually buying time. You buy 1/2 hour or 1 hour, to do your thing. If you don't scratch your tickets and place it on your dashboard, or you have exceeded the time frame of the ticket, you will get a summon, a penalty – another ticket for you to pay.

Are we not actually buying time? buying the time of our lives, buying our own time.

The definition of  "buy" is to get/purchase something, to obtain something.

We are spending and losing time each day, but we are buying time!  

After we have scratched those tickets, it can't be used anymore, and we threw them away to the dustbin.  

By the way, these are prepaid tickets, pay before use. Make sure you put them in your car, If you misplace them, you will have to buy again. 

Can we abolish this parking tickets method and save more trees? Let us park our cars, do our activities at ease, and drive on, move on with our lives. 

Nowadays, we are talking about saving the environment, throw rubbish into appropriate recycle bins- bottles, cans and paper bins. Less trees, more heat. Don't you feel the heat these days? 

When trees cut down to expand land, trees will let out the carbon dioxide that has been stored upon the photosynthesis process. Each particle of carbon dioxide released to the air adds to the greenhouse gases, and result to global warming.


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Authored by kevinn on 28th July 2012

Treasure Every Moment

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To live is to risk dying.

All of us will die one day. The rich will die, the poor will die. To die rich is better! Those who took risk and became bankcrupt will die, a lottery winner died the next day. No chance to enjoy his life. 

The beautiful will die, the not so beautiful, will also die. All living things and being will die. Their time will come. We have seen some good buddy left us sooner than we expected. That's life.

Live your life, live each day, live one day at a time and treasure every moment. I am glad I woke up this morning.

As you read this, I want you to do me a favour.

What I want you to do now is :

Smile   : )    :  )    :  )    :  ) 

and take deep breath now, inhale slowing… hold your breath… exhale…

do it 3 times and smile at the same time.   :  )  

We are living now!!!

Cheers… take it easy.


Photo contributed by Darita

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Authored by kevinn on 9th June 2010

A facelift

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This is how my car looks like today! A new facelift, or colourlift – Sunset Orange and Black, kind of sporty, if I look at it on the bright side.

There is no way, you won't meet with an accident on the road when you are driving or riding a bike. It's either you hits someone or someone hits your beautiful new car.

Similar to Network Marketing. Sometimes you got involved in NM and you got a very bad experience, and you promise yourself not to get involve in any kind of NM business anymore in your life. You have changed and close your mind totally whenever any business is related to NM.

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Authored by kevinn on 22nd November 2009

Mr.Security, Mr.Recognition & Mr.Achiever

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Let’s talk about people.

When it comes to this topic, most of us call it gossiping. Its a norm. Nevertheless, it is important to know too.

You know your friends very well. No doubt about it. Before doing your presentation to your friend / prospect or sometimes, while you are doing your presentation to share your MLM business, you will notice very clearly the type of person you are talking to by the way they present themselves, their responses.

MLM people will be able to notice whether their prospect can be named as Mr. Security, Mr.Recognition or Mr. Achiever or combination of some of those personalities.

You can observe from the way they speak, the lifestyle they lead and their perception about business. 

Let’s see a few of the characteristic of :

Mr. Security

– scare of losing their job, feeling of contentment, loyal to their job, in a comfort zone, not used to doing business, never try any venture, give up early and never want to try anymore, hold on tight to their job, work in the office is their priority, don’t want any headache, heartache to manage business, etc…

Mr. Recognition

– want to be well known by many people, want to be famous, glamourous, status is important (can see from name in their call cards), no financial gain is alright for these guys as long as they got the name, they want to be the center of attraction, etc…

Mr. Achiever

– they have goals to strive, if they are not known to many, it doesn’t matter at all, focus and self-driven, dare to take calculated risk, taking chances, look for opportunities and act, etc

Nothing is good or bad about these people. They are who they are. You and I can’t change that. It will be insane.

But, one thing is for sure, people can improve.

They are Mr.Security and after a few years, you are surprised to know that they have become Mr. Achiever.

Source : I got this information from my dad. Hopefully, I deliver it well to you all.

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Authored by kevinn on 17th October 2009

New Year Resolution

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Resolution being made beginning of a New Year. It's always this case, and it's not necessary this way.

One could make their resolution at any given time, when they think it's time to make that change or make that commitment to accomplish their goals in life, or to better themselves.

New Year Resolution for some could be losing weight, learn a new language, earn more money, take up yoga classes, which had been put off for so long.

For some, it could be spending more time with their family and loved ones.

For those who wanted to join a Multi-Level Marketing company, this year is the perfect time to start. The question to ask before joining one is "What to look for in a Multi-Level Marketing company?"

And for those who are already in a Multi-Level Marketing business, it is time to sit down with your downlines, if you haven't, and make a resolution together.

Everyone wants this year to be better than the previous year.

That is what resolution is all about, making changes and learn from our mistakes and errors in life.

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Authored by kevinn on 29th December 2008

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