Do something you have never done

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  If you want something in your life

  you’ve never had,

  you’ll have to do something,

  you’ve never done.

                                                                        –  JD Houston




Authored by kevinn on 27th December 2017


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We must become

the change we want to see.

~ Mahatma Gandhi





Authored by kevinn on 21st December 2014


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We cannot

direct the wind,


we can

adjust the sails.





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is to understand that

the world is ever-changing.







Authored by kevinn on 22nd September 2014

Change your life

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If you are still looking for that one person who

will change your life,

take a look in the mirror.

– Roman Price







Authored by kevinn on 24th March 2014


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make the change

If we want to see the change, we have to change first.

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Authored by kevinn on 10th March 2014

Do It Now

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Do It Now

Take Action Immediately. Action comes from Thoughts.

When you think of doing something now, take action, act on it, and make it a reality.

If you don't, the time will past you by. Even if you do, the time still ticking.

Tick, Tick, Tick. . .

Time will past you by anyway. Time don't wait for you.

If you thought of visiting an old friend, to see how is he doing? make the call and set an appointment.

If you thought of washing your car, because your car is dirty, take the pail and go wash the car.

If you want to do some gardening, since you have nothing to do at this moment, while waiting to go out later at 8pm for dinner, take the gardening tools and start gardening. You will make this world a greener place. Hahaha…

If you are waiting for a movie in a cinema, and you are an hour early, you could take a book to read in the bookstore nearby.

With reference to Time Management, here is what any CEO or COO would do, they set their time limit, and move on to the next activity. They start their meeting on time and ended on time. Not a minute late. No time to waste, utilising the most of the time they had each day.

If you have done what you wanted to do, without hesitation and take that action immediately and by the end of the day, you would be glad you did it.


Authored by kevinn on 27th February 2011

Make That Change

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I guess "For Things To Change, I Must Change First" says it all and it relates to each and everyone of us. We are responsible to ourselves. 

In order to change the circumstances that we want, we have to make the change first. It all started with ourselves, who make the world a better place to live in. Do I sound like Michael Jackson?


Authored by kevinn on 5th July 2009

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