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From yesterday's topic on Tee-Up ABC, sitting position in a presentation is also important.

Please make sure your C, (Customer) is sitting facing a wall or facing something that doesn't distract him/her while your upline is doing the business presentation. If your C is sitting in a coffee shop facing the door where all the walk-in customers come in, then you and your upline will be having a hard time getting your C to concentrate on the presentation. Your C will keep on looking at the customers passing by and not looking at the business presentation.

In order to do this, you (B) and your upline (A) will have to come early to the place, so both of you could sit facing the crowd and not your potential (C). Punctuality and preparation is important.

Sitting upright and paying attention to the presentation of your upline to show that you are serious about the business.
Listen attentively and nod once in a while after interesting points made by upline are important to show a good example so that your (C) will do the same.







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Authored by kevinn on 7th November 2010

Tee-Up ABC

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How are you going to hit a ball into a hole in a game of golf? Hole in one.

Can u give a first hit of high ball if a golf ball is placed on a grass?

You have to put a “tee-up”, that plastic thing poke into ground, giving a raise to the golf ball enable you to hit a high ball and give it a distance.

So what is ABC? Some named it as ABP.

This ABC method not only applies to MLM, it applies to other business transaction and in relationships or where it deems fit. One of the first few companies, which is a Single Level Marketing (SLM) implementing this method is Tupperware.

When you are doing your MLM business for the first time, you need help from your upline. Your upline will show you how to do a presentation to your prospect.

This is where the ABC comes in.

When you are a MLM distributor, you are a B, stands for Bridge. You are the one who do the bridge or introduce your prospect to your upline. You have your role to play. Each time your upline made a point in his/her speech, you nod a little, to show agreement.

B sets up appointments for the presentation. B also initiate the closing of the presentation / sales by giving a pen and an application form to the C, stands for Customer.

Body Language plays a huge role here. You can view a person reaction from the Appearance / Outer Look / Facial Expression.


to be continued…


Authored by kevinn on 6th November 2010

Young Potential

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Yesterday, I brought my two young cousins back home, since it school holiday and they got nothing to do.

I guess, it is better for me to share with them something about MLM.

In the afternoon, after we had our lunch, then I brought them to the office and let them listen to what the MLM company CEO has got in store for them.

They seem interested.

Who knows. They may get involve in MLM in earlier stage in life, while they are still in school.

As soon as they reach home, I saw one talking to their sister and one talking to his father about what they have heard with so much enthusiasm.





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Authored by kevinn on 22nd September 2009

MLM Presentation

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Last Saturday, my new friend called to meet up for some sharing. He is in a MLM business part-time and would like to show his business presentation to me.

This was the 2nd meeting. I was introduced to him by my downline. He wanted to show me his MLM business on the very first time we met. Then I said "Make it next time when we meet again,since this is the first time, let us get to know each other first."

He called and message me through MSN Messenger to meet up a couple of time. So, I set up an appointment to see him in the evening nearby my house. He is straight forward person. He even told me the name of the MLM company that he is doing.

That’s what I like about knowing what you are expecting before hand.

I reached the coffee shop and waited for him. He begin by talking about how I was doing with my new MLM business. Then he start to talk about his.

At first he sat in front of me. As he was doing the presentation, he pulled his chair and sat closely beside me. I guess he wanted to get the message through to me.

He showed me the product and the marketing plan and invited me to Kuala Lumpur for a seminar next week, on Saturday 27th June 2009, with a free admission ticket. I found out we have the same direction in MLM.

Let me show you the product he is talking about on my next blog post.

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Authored by kevinn on 24th June 2009

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