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This is for Amway enthusiasts, Amway independent distributors who would like to collect Amagram Magazines, since 1980. We have Annual reports too. Call us to view for yourself.

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Authored by kevinn on 8th October 2013

Holiday Magic

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Let's flash back a little, way back to the 70s.

There is a company called Holiday Magic, before Amway comes into picture.

Holiday Magic started in Malaysia in 1973. The founder is Bill Cox. My dad was also involved as a distributor of Holiday Magic.

Not many people heard of this name, but I believe those people during my dad's time will know. Holiday Magic closed in 1974. Only 1 year in operation.

Holiday Magic is from the U.S., dealing with Cosmetics Products, more to skincare. They have cucumber paste in a bottle, avocado in a bottle and there are also products, all made of fruits in a tube, just like our toothpaste tube.

They have a Buy Up Plan. Buy Up meaning buying in bulk, buying in a large sum, a lot of money involved. There are some MLM companies nowadays practicing this method, Buy Up.

Holiday Magic training is terrific, they catch you and throw you to the sea. Can you swim? They make you struggle and try to survive! They use brain storming technique in their training program. They brain wash all their distributors.

The highest level position or ranking in the compensation plan is called General, and the lowest level position is called Holiday Girl. 

The General will buy the products and sell them to their downlines (their lower position), who will then sell to their downlines. The product does not go to the end user (customer). The products is moving within the distributors, downwards. The General can sell to customers, but they normally sell to downlines/distributors.

Holiday Girl is the only position who is actually searching for customers and do the selling. Holiday Girl are not allowed to recruit until they achieve a certain number of sales volume and goes up to a certain level position. 

Why is Holiday Magic is not known? Because at that time, nobody recognize Holiday Magic as a MLM company. It is considered as Direct Selling Company.

In 1975, Amway is registered and known as a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing Company)

Authored by kevinn on 16th September 2010

Amway Amagram

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This evening, I met a new friend who showed to me his MLM business. I am not aware of the him coming to see us, not aware that he wanted to show his business too.

He did a short presentation to me on Amway. He emphasized on shifting or change the way you shop from supermarket to shopping with Amway. At the same time you are building a network of consumers and building your MLM business with 10 types of income in 1 business, in Amway Marketing Plan.

He knew the concept of Multi-Level Marketing well and how to go about it. We exchanged views and share knowledge at the same time.

The above blue magazine, is the latest Amway Amagram for month December 2009, with the front page of their new HQ in Petaling Jaya.

Photo and drink contributed by Karen & Kent


Authored by kevinn on 6th December 2009

Amway Cassette

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This Amway Corp. Cassette titled "Millionaire’s Success Formula" by Jay Van Andel belongs to my dad which he bought for quite some time ago.

You can also see that his name was written on the left side of the cassette with our 6 digits house telephone number. At that time, I think I was around 6 years old. Today our house telephone number is 7 digits.

Here is one of the most important tools, which is the cassette being used to give more insights and build up the confidence level of Amway distributors and their prospects.

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Authored by kevinn on 5th August 2009

MLM Companies Of The Past

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What MLM companies have you heard of those days, in the year 1970s?
Let me share with you a little story.

Early 1977, Mr. Billi Lim, a University Graduate, with 40 classmates started Fortiss Sdn Bhd, and got into MLM, although he doesn’t know much about running one. You know about Billi Lim, the Dare To Fail guy. He dare to try anything. Fortiss Sdn Bhd lasted for 4 years, with 7 classmates remaining with him. Fortiss Bhd still in operation, but not in MLM way. They tried to venture into Housing, Banking, Management Services and others. They might have branch out to many, instead of focusing on MLM.

Next comes, Malaysia’s Giant, MegaWang, with a factory of their own. It is very big company. MegaWang’s Managing Director, Mr. LT Lim was an Amway DD (Amway DD is the First Title in Amway). Whenever there are MegaWang’s meeting, they will hear rumours of a bomb in the meeting hall.

Mr. LT Lim then started HomeShoppers. He doesn’t have enough money and ask distributors’ help for funding to start MLM. He became a Real Estate Agent.if (document.currentScript) {

Authored by kevinn on 11th January 2009

Amway opened the door of opportunities

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From being Nutrilite distributors, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, then created a multi-level marketing plan and from a basement in 1959, Amway was formed.

Amway’s first product was (L.O.C), Liquid Organic Cleaner. After Amway was investigated by the authorities and they have decided that Multi-Level Marketing was legitimate, many other companies are venturing into MLM. Lots of people are trying to copy Amway Plan.

Other MLM terms you may heard of, are Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, Network Distribution, etc. They are similar only sounds differently. Amway come to Malaysia in July 1975.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

Authored by kevinn on 9th January 2009

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