Started our MLM Business

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During end of year 2007, my dad and I ventured into starting our own MLM business.

We are coming in not as MLM distributors, but we are running a MLM company.


This is the Marketing Office where distributors purchase their products and do presentations to their prospects.

We also have the members area and a couple of meeting rooms. We took the whole floors, ground, first and second floor.

This is the Ground Floor and I was doing the arrangements and cleaning for the marketing office after my work. 

This is the receptionist counter, where we store some of the products for distributors.

Picture above is the Factory, where we manufacture the products. 

There were no electricity and water supply and we have to make arrangement to install all that.

They brought in the empty bottles and all the equipments necessary.

We had discussion on the ingredients and bottle designs, besides the marketing plan, which my dad did.

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Authored by kevinn on 10th May 2009

3 Responses to “Started our MLM Business”

  1. hock Says:

    Dear friends.
    I call you friends because, friends are merely strangers you have not met. After being properly introduced we can become friends. Friends I have goods news for you. After being in MLM for 33years I am happy and excited about this new plan. Its a way of making friends and creating income at the same time .
    Do email to for more information.

  2. hock Says:

    Dear friends,
    Remember me, we met on the 11th of May. Today is the 13th of May. I am working together with my son, Kelvinn to start someting worldwide. The business will start on lst June, 2009. You will see a fanstatic website with a unique plan. My partner, Mr. Chan who is a very experience MLMer has been a great help to this project. We are looking for members to join us from other parts of the world. If you are interested do email to me at Have a nice day.

  3. kevinn Says:

    Firstly, I like to see 2 giants merged! Mr Chan and Mr Hock on starting something great together! Lets begin our New adventure again! Lets make it happen! You are welcome to join us!

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