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This 3S is a guide or the things should be done in building your MLM Business – Sell, Sponsor, Service.

Let's talk about sponsoring.

Sign up your friends to be a member, is building your organization. 

Who do you sponsor? Who are you bringing into your organization?

You can bring almost everyone into the business as long as it follows the terms and condition of the Direct Selling Act and the government laws, for example, he/she must be above 18 years of age. This is common.

One should not only look for leaders in your organization. Leaders are movers who has the drive and they are self-motivated to build the business and earn lots of money. All of us need leaders. In fact, everyone of us want leaders in our group. With them around, we are able to achieve more and earn more. Without them, both the MLM companies and distributors won't be able to grow & move forward. There will be a huge difference between a MLM company whom having leaders and those without. Leaders are important people.

Should we only pick Leaders to join us ?

Sales increases, income increases. Income grows from the sales of products and/or services. If you have lots of leaders, no sales, means no income.

If you come across prospects, who only consume / use the products, let them sign the membership application form. They are the one who will bring in sales for your organization.

There are people who joined for redemption of points each time they purchase products, sign them up. They want points. Then, there are those who likes to meet new friends in a meeting, buy products once in a while, sign them up too.

Some people have the ability to introduce friends to you, but doesn't buy any products. They are important too, ask them to sign the form and become your member.

Generally, there are two kinds of people, the consumers and the leaders. 

In short, bring in anyone and everyone. Don't choose only certain kind of people to join you. If you are choosy, you will find that there is not much choices left for you.

by Kevinn Tan & Hock H.E.Tan


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Authored by kevinn on 4th December 2010

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