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From yesterday's topic on Tee-Up ABC, sitting position in a presentation is also important.

Please make sure your C, (Customer) is sitting facing a wall or facing something that doesn't distract him/her while your upline is doing the business presentation. If your C is sitting in a coffee shop facing the door where all the walk-in customers come in, then you and your upline will be having a hard time getting your C to concentrate on the presentation. Your C will keep on looking at the customers passing by and not looking at the business presentation.

In order to do this, you (B) and your upline (A) will have to come early to the place, so both of you could sit facing the crowd and not your potential (C). Punctuality and preparation is important.

Sitting upright and paying attention to the presentation of your upline to show that you are serious about the business.
Listen attentively and nod once in a while after interesting points made by upline are important to show a good example so that your (C) will do the same.







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Authored by kevinn on 7th November 2010

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