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Let’s talk about people.

When it comes to this topic, most of us call it gossiping. Its a norm. Nevertheless, it is important to know too.

You know your friends very well. No doubt about it. Before doing your presentation to your friend / prospect or sometimes, while you are doing your presentation to share your MLM business, you will notice very clearly the type of person you are talking to by the way they present themselves, their responses.

MLM people will be able to notice whether their prospect can be named as Mr. Security, Mr.Recognition or Mr. Achiever or combination of some of those personalities.

You can observe from the way they speak, the lifestyle they lead and their perception about business. 

Let’s see a few of the characteristic of :

Mr. Security

– scare of losing their job, feeling of contentment, loyal to their job, in a comfort zone, not used to doing business, never try any venture, give up early and never want to try anymore, hold on tight to their job, work in the office is their priority, don’t want any headache, heartache to manage business, etc…

Mr. Recognition

– want to be well known by many people, want to be famous, glamourous, status is important (can see from name in their call cards), no financial gain is alright for these guys as long as they got the name, they want to be the center of attraction, etc…

Mr. Achiever

– they have goals to strive, if they are not known to many, it doesn’t matter at all, focus and self-driven, dare to take calculated risk, taking chances, look for opportunities and act, etc

Nothing is good or bad about these people. They are who they are. You and I can’t change that. It will be insane.

But, one thing is for sure, people can improve.

They are Mr.Security and after a few years, you are surprised to know that they have become Mr. Achiever.

Source : I got this information from my dad. Hopefully, I deliver it well to you all.

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Authored by kevinn on 17th October 2009

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