I didn’t think it could happen to me

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The title of this post may have two different meaning.

Let me read it again ” I didn’t think it could happen to me.”

It could be something good or extraordinary events happening to someone. Perhaps that someone achieved great wealth, or an opportunity to advance further in life, something that changes his or her life forever.

First meaning is about some unbelievable event takes place in a person’s life – Some positive outcome.

I would like to talk about the opposite. I would like to relate what I have read from a newspaper article yesterday to a real life event that has happened in my life. 

These scams usually via the internet, are targeting the internet users. Nowadays, the younger generations are the victims, mainly because of their peers and due to inexperience about such matters. 

Making money through internet investment and earn extra commission by bringing others to join the investment.

All of us are human-being with feelings. Greed is one of them and it is in everyone of us, including me.

Not too long ago, many people are involved or absorbed into this kind of internet investment scam and at that point of time, many MLM companies sales drops tremendously.

The reason is, almost all MLMers are involved. Not only these companies offer good ROI (Return Of Investment) but they also have the sponsoring mechanism in their program with interesting commissions in bringing more investors to join the program. (scam). 

Nobody to be blamed. Just be aware that money just doesn’t come that easy and neither does the trust from friends.

Useful reading after this all – living with low self esteem.} else {

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Authored by kevinn on 26th May 2009

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