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In short R.O.I.

Where can I invest my money so that I could get a better returns?

Financial Institutions offer a very safe and secured return in a form of Fixed Deposit, which is 2.5% per annum currently.

But many people are diversifying their money into other areas that could give them a higher and faster returns. Its undeniable to avoid seeing more and more people nowadays going for a FAST and BIG return of their investment!

I am talking about Investment in a form of time and money. There are investments which generate its returns in a short time and some takes a longer time to acquire its benefits. And there are some that could never see the returns at all, and some loses more money in their investments.

Fixed Deposit is an investment without any risk, but it gives you a very small return. If one is looking at a higher returns of their investment, they should observe all the risk involved and be willing to participate that risks. As the saying goes "High risk, High returns".

What could we do with our money to make it work for us, instead of leaving them idle under our pillow?

Invest !!!

Take a look at these options, we have Unit Trust. We could also invest in Stocks and Shares. How about trading in Forex? We could survey and seek opinion of which is the suitable MLM business for us. How about starting a conventional business?

What are the chances or is there any guarantee that whatever that you have invested will finally give you the returns you expected ?

Come on, nobody could. I couldn't give you any kind of guarantee that you will be successful in your investment of money and time in MLM business. Or should I say, in any kind of investment ventures.


Is that the most appropriate word to use? Life is a gamble. We live our lives according to what we think is right.

Gamble in a calculated form is recommended rather than Gamble with our eyes closed. Gamble in business investment that gives you higher chances of success is a calculated risk investment. But gamble in a casino is a fifty fifty chance. Its human nature to try their luck in casinos. Perhaps, its greed in all of us. 

Anyway, always remember : never, never, never quit and never stop trying.

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Authored by kevinn on 2nd November 2009

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