Regarding Henry

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Regarding Henry

starring Harrison Ford

This is a movie about a very successful lawyer, leading a fast moving lifestyle and succeeded in every cases he had, who one day, had been shot in the head and due to that, he lost his speech and physical motor skill, he is paralyzed.

He is not able to talk, walk and don’t recognize his loved ones, wife and daughter. Henry was sent to Bradley ( Therapist ) for helped, until He could walk and talk. Henry now is his office, trying to lead a normal life, and not like before, he started from scratch.

After a while, Henry was feeling down and his wife called up Bradley over to their house. Bradley went into their kitchen table and Henry served him beer.

Here is the important snippets from the movie “I thought I could go back to my life, but I don’t like who I was, Bradley. I – I don’t fit in.” said Henry.

Bradley : I got bad knees. My knees, they’re bad. Ask me why…wrecked them both playing college football. Football was my life-what else was there? I felt my knees pops- game over. I was dead. Forget it ! My life was over, Henry.

Bradley : Now, ask me if I mind having bad knees?

Henry : ” Do you mind? “

Bradley : No, No Way!!! It was a Test. I had to find a life. The therapist that helped me walk again? he was so cool. I thought ; that’s what I want to do. When I told some of my buddies, they laugh right in my face, called me a nurse, bought me white dresses and shit.
But check it out, you’re walking, you’re talking, you’re sitting here drinking some pretty expensive damn beer. I had something to do with that. If it weren’t for my knees, I’d never have met you.

So, no, I don’t mind having bad knees, No. Let me tell you something Hank, (referring to Henry)

this is the crucial part ” Don’t listen to nobody, trying to tell you who you are.”

It might take a while, but you’ll figure yourself out.

Henry : Thanks.

They had a gulp of beer and cheers.

It would be a great story, if we’d won the game. Both laughing…

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Authored by kevinn on 19th February 2011

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