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" What is it again? " I asked over the phone. I was in a noisy shop and I couldn't hear properly, I was quite blur but my friend, Adrian still trying to spell the word to me and explain the meaning of it. 

This idea was contributed by Adrian.


He spell it to me on the phone " P H Y L A N T … (he stopped for a second)…  O P H E" , He wasn't so sure too. "I am not sure", he said and continue to elaborate, stuff related to Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

But he know how it sounds like and the meaning of it.

Thanks to him, I learn something today, and it's something important too.

Philanthropy is…

What is Philanthropy?

I opened my dusty Oxford Dictionary on my cupboard this morning and look for the word, and from the internet, now, I got a clear picture. 

With reference to video on YouTube, the two billionaires and their intention to gather other billionaires for the philanthropy purpose. They are giving away half of their income for humanitarian causes. It is indeed a noble deed. It's a good reminder for everyone on how best to give back to society.

A person who do this is called Philanthropist.

There is this saying : The more you give, the more you get. There will be more input, when you do lots of output.

I believe that everyone could share their views, knowledge, experience and know-how to others, or to the world on a specific subject matter. I think it is not necessarily to be financially, giving away your income to others, if you couldn't afford.

I think it is quite similar to blogging – visitors may want to share their views for the benefit of other visitors/readers.

To make it easy to understand, Philanthropy is " a desire to help mankind ". Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of mankind, as by charitable aid or donations.

Do you think more people need to think this way?  Actually, It's easier said than done. But if we put a little effort, it could be done.


by Kevinn Tan

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Authored by kevinn on 19th August 2010

One Response to “Philanthropy”

  1. hock Says:

    Most of us have been an unwilling philanthrophy.  The moment you lend money to a " friend"  and he did't return it , that is philanthrophy.
    There are many unwilling philantrophist than the willing philanthrophist, which one are you?
    The difference is the willing ones are happy giving it ,  but the unwilling ones are not happy.  Infact we swear never to do it again.

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