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There are so much that has happened in the MLM industry until today. One thing is for sure, we learn and grow through our past experience, from how the company operates to how they interact with their distributors. Its all about the people running the show.

In fact, MLM is a wonderful industry, if we could just spend some time doing some homework and look closely into it.

Perspective is an art on how you look at things in life. Not only in MLM but also in everything in life. It is how we could judge and make proper consideration to every problems and situations.

In other words, learn the truth and face facts and not only to absorb totally from people who just wants to fulfilled their own needs.

I believe many will be able to make informed decision by searching and keeping informed through readings and looking for information, talking to people who are fully involved in MLM.

Different people have different perception of MLM. One of my colleague said that its selling “dreams” to people.

Here are some of peoples’ perception towards MLM:

– You have to keep on selling to earn money
– You have to spend a lot of time to do the business
– MLM people have no time for their family and friends
– MLM is for housewives, school dropouts
– This business is for the jobless
– MLM is not a business, start a real business!


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Authored by kevinn on 15th April 2009

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