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Jobs is a duty. Its a responsibility to finish tasks given by the employer. Its something dead.

The jobs that you do couldn't bring you to the next level. If you decided to resign from your job or your employer happen to terminate you, someone else will be given that job immediately. You are dispensable. Clearly understood, jobs don't have future.

People don't depend solely on their jobs. If they are given better opportunities, they will take up the chances to advance further in life. 


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Authored by kevinn on 1st June 2009

4 Responses to “People and Jobs”

  1. nezumi Says:

    There are jobs that are interesting also. Not all jobs are dead. There are ppl that manage to have their hobby as their job also.
    I do think that job can bring us to the next level. As job is the one that help us earn an income so that we can survive and do what we like. Without a job, we will not have income, without income, we can’t do the thing we like n move to the next level…. hehe……..

  2. kevinn Says:

    Thank you Jenny for your comment. I might agree at some point given. Yes, a job may be a stepping stone to a better career in life. No job means no income. Without income, we might not be able to execute our plans.

    If something which we like to do, then we couldn’t named it as a job. Or perhaps, it is not called “work” at all. It will be a hobby. My old friend, once asked me a good question -” If you are given a million dollars, would you be doing what you are doing now? ” and my answer is “no”.

    Your answer could be a “Yes” if and only if you like what you are doing.

  3. Jimmy Chew Says:

    Jobs is actually dead,its a task/mission in our daily activities,its not issue about hobby,the combination doesnt match at it or not you have to finish your daily work..

    No job does not mean you no income anymore..eventhough manage to climb up the highest still need to work..theres no exemption and the retrenchment still there..

    Theres no future and freedom if we survive just to work forever for others..i shall start doing investment if i have a million dollars..

  4. kevinn Says:

    Hi Jimmy,
    True,job and hobby are two different topics.

    What are hobbies for some people are professions for others. A hotel chef may enjoy playing football as a hobby, while a professional footballer might enjoy cooking. A person who does something for fun and enjoyment, rather than financial reward, is commonly regarded as a hobby.
    However,personal fulfillment or satisfaction is the aim.

    We could also do some investment without a million. It is much better with it,so we could diversify into more investment areas.

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