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Some time ago, my downline ask me to go out with him for a drink because he brought a friend with him and wanted to share with me a business opportunity. So, what do you think I do?

I said, " Sure, what is it about? " and He said " just come and take a look ". As far as I am concern, its actually no harm to know what is it about. Perhaps, it could be something new in the market that I have never come across with. So, I went to listen with an open mind.

One thing is for sure, I have to pick what exactly I want to do. I couldn't do everything at one time. I have to focus.

This young energetic guy spoke to me. He presented this products and the marketing plan. He showed me lots of things about his MLM business. He did a demonstration on me too!  It took him about 2 hours talking to me and my downline in the coffee shop.

He knows where he is heading. He mentioned one of the important word there is in MLM, and it is 

"Passive Income"

He said this is the ultimate aim, why does many people want to do MLM. "You are earning income while you are not there".

It is very true, but I said "not many people who are in MLM knows that". Why? And there are other ways to earn Passive Income too. Some people may use this popular sentence " … money make money ".

There are other opportunities which can also gives you a Passive Income. For those who are in MLM, there are some supporting and good features in MLM which you can share with your fellow prospects.

Passive Income is, indeed one of the most important reason for doing MLM.

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Authored by kevinn on 22nd October 2009

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