Direct Selling Act

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Direct Selling Act or in Malay Language, it is called “Akta Jualan Langsung” (AJL) is a MLM licence registered with the Ministy of

It is a must in any legitimate Multi Level Marketing companies.

Authored by kevinn on 28th November 2017

Binary Plan

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Binary is building network with only two legs all the way down. Some plan looks like a binary plan but the pay out is by levels, not left and right.

Authored by kevinn on 28th November 2017

Time of our lives

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Authored by kevinn on 26th November 2017

Plan B

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Why do we need a Plan B?

Authored by kevinn on 22nd November 2017

Are you there yet?

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Authored by kevinn on 17th November 2017

Smart Rebrander

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Authored by kevinn on 1st November 2017

Our Future

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Our future 

is created

by what 

we choose

to do today!





Authored by kevinn on 26th April 2017

Think and Act

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Most of the problems in life are

because of two reasons:

we act without thinking or

we keep thinking without acting.



Authored by kevinn on 28th March 2017

Make your Move

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   The distance between

   your dreams and reality 

   is called action.


Authored by kevinn on 3rd March 2017

Complaining on my hair

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There was one day, it was a very hot day, it’s a working day for me. While busy at work, walking towards my desk with a stack of workloads in my hands, I was complaining to myself, saying to my little self inside of me “How I wish could have thin and short hair. This hair is really troublesome and makes me uncomfortable”

And within a few minutes, our customer, an elderly uncle, makes me realized something. It all began when my colleague was praising him for looking much younger than his age.

He then replied ” I wish I could be better if  I could have hair like his, so thick and so black”, rubbing his head and pointing his finger to me” I just smiled.

Suddenly, his small action makes me realized I should be thankful for whatever I have. I should be grateful for a least I have hair on my head compared to his little white hair.

I begin to appreciate a little bit more than yesterday, and I wonder to myself what I had so far, and start to be thankful for being able to have early morning breakfast, being grateful for the ability to work, to still have a job and to serve people.

I still have hair at this point of time. As for now, I should treasure and care for my hair, before it turns white when I am old one day.



Authored by kevinn on 24th January 2017

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