What do you want to become?

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Authored by kevinn on 26th December 2017

RF3 World

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I was introduced by my former upline in previous Network Marketing company. It happened when we are having our residence general meeting one evening in mid of November 2015. After the meeting, after all residents had gone home, she approached my family and I, saying she wants to show us some magic.

She shown us the short and effective demonstration, applying the Firmax3 cream onto one side of my wrist and neck. After the second application, in just minutes, I can see the difference, not the lines on my cheek but also see the effect on four others. I was convinced with the so call magic show. Datin Shareena illustrate further on the business, by drawing the marketing plan to us.

Then I recalled, I was tagged in Facebook photo much earlier by another MLM leader, Abdollah, also known as Dodi, whom I later came to know he is the upline of hers. I glance through the simple ordinary looking product and I can’t believe what it can do to us.


Authored by kevinn on 2nd December 2017

Are you there yet?

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Authored by kevinn on 17th November 2017

Smart Rebrander

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Authored by kevinn on 1st November 2017

Our Future

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Our future 

is created

by what 

we choose

to do today!





Authored by kevinn on 26th April 2017

Think and Act

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Most of the problems in life are

because of two reasons:

we act without thinking or

we keep thinking without acting.



Authored by kevinn on 28th March 2017

Make your Move

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   The distance between

   your dreams and reality 

   is called action.


Authored by kevinn on 3rd March 2017

Complaining on my hair

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There was one day, it was a very hot day, it’s a working day for me. While busy at work, walking towards my desk with a stack of workloads in my hands, I was complaining to myself, saying to my little self inside of me “How I wish could have thin and short hair. This hair is really troublesome and makes me uncomfortable”

And within a few minutes, our customer, an elderly uncle, makes me realized something. It all began when my colleague was praising him for looking much younger than his age.

He then replied ” I wish I could be better if  I could have hair like his, so thick and so black”, rubbing his head and pointing his finger to me” I just smiled.

Suddenly, his small action makes me realized I should be thankful for whatever I have. I should be grateful for a least I have hair on my head compared to his little white hair.

I begin to appreciate a little bit more than yesterday, and I wonder to myself what I had so far, and start to be thankful for being able to have early morning breakfast, being grateful for the ability to work, to still have a job and to serve people.

I still have hair at this point of time. As for now, I should treasure and care for my hair, before it turns white when I am old one day.



Authored by kevinn on 24th January 2017

Employees and Leader

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In the best


employees see

their leader 




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