Hunter and Hunted

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We have hunter and hunted

Authored by kevinn on 23rd August 2018

Rich or Poor

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Rich meaning you are either rich materially in assets, money in bank account, etc

poor meaning you are poor materially, no assets, no money in the bank, sick and can not work

Authored by kevinn on 28th April 2018

Spend wisely

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Do you sometimes wonder where does the money go? 

If you are earning RM5,000 a month, which is RM 166.00 a day. But you are spending more than what you earn.

How much effort and time spend on earning but you can spend it in minutes! Your income or saving all gone! 

Authored by kevinn on 29th December 2017


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      You may delay, 

      but time will not.

-Benjamin Franklin




Authored by kevinn on 29th December 2017

Rat Race

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Authored by kevinn on 28th December 2017

Compelling Reason

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I would like to share my thoughts when sponsoring people to your organisation. You must give them a COMPELLING REASON for them to do the business. You must make them realise that the moment they stop working their income will stop. If their income will continue and increasing then they don’t have to do MLM. For a pensioner their income will reduce by half. For those who are not pensioners who has children, how much you expect to get from your children monthly? They must realise that, as long as they are alive they need income to LIVE. That all for now, till we meet again. May you be healthy , happy and wealthy.

Do I hv to look for people?

I would like to share my thoughts when sponsoring people to your organisation. I will give them a COMPELLING REASON for them to do the business. This reason will attracts their interest and motivates them to share it with their friends in building the business.

Yeah, its true! Its good to share whatever you know to as many as possible. It helps to change some views about the MLM world…

I would like to share my experiences on MLM. I found out that in order for distributors to earn income he/she have to recruit members. That is for sure. Any mlm company will close shop if their members stop recruiting. Imagine a company like amway, if everyone is not allowed to recruit new members , what will happen to the business? Recruiting is the lifeline of any mlm company in the world. If anybody disagree please give comments, i want to learn from you. Thank you may you have good health, happinss and be wealthy.

In life, the most important thing is to choose the right thing to do. To be great do things that will outlast you. The poor people should leverage their time to make money work for them. It is good to be honest but one got to be wise too. Mlm is one of the best thing one should learn more about . Do research about mlm and what ever things you want in life is there. Happy research. May you be happy and wealthy.

Authored by kevinn on 28th December 2017

Life Cycle

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One night, after our dinner, I was resting with my family in our living room, watching TV, together with grandpa. He will normally read his books in his room, but today he’s with us. I was looking at my grandpa, yawning and on the round small table is his favourite black coffee. He will take a couple of sips and stop. He will just throw away the rest of it.

I was wondering, how he has bring up, raise up my dad, brought him to school, until today. And my dad in return taking care of him now.

My dad raise me and my brother until where we are today. He taught us about life. These friends who has blood ties, that stay together, is called family.

There will come a time, when they retire, we as children, it is our duty to take care of them. 

One day, we will stop working, retire, and grow old. And the cycle goes again.


Authored by kevinn on 28th December 2017

Like attracts Like

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People who are looking for a money game compensation plan will get attracted to a MLM company who play this game.

MLM company designed in many ways to attract certain kind of group.

those who likes the long term and stable income will be involved / will be with the MLM company who has that attributes.

Authored by kevinn on 28th December 2017

Wishing vs Wanting

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“If you WISH for something,

  you sit around

  and hope it happens.


  If you WANT something,

  you go out and get it”


We have got to read this again and again, to push ourselves or to motivate ourselves to take action!  get ourselves moving…

Get up,  get out,  and go and get it



Authored by kevinn on 28th December 2017

The Process of Success

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        SUCCESS  IS  A   3  STEP   PROCESS

           START IT

               DO IT

           FINISH IT





Authored by kevinn on 27th December 2017

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