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Health is important to all of us. Without good health, we couldn’t perform our daily duties, to earn a living to support our families, go travelling, play games, and so on.

Where do we begin? How are we going to take good care of our health? What makes us what we are today, is what we eat. “We are what We eat!”

We have been eating non-stop everyday. Why not take a break. Eat less than we normally do, Eat more healthy food, change our diet! One of the BEST way to begin is through fasting!

FASTING is good for our body. It actually makes our organs to work less and take time off, since our organs – like our hearts, kidney, lung, stomach, liver, intestine, have been doing their service to us 24hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. So, I think we should do our part 2 service them once in a while 2 help them service us better and avoid all the physical effects of stress on the body.

“help them to help us!”

so… let me share with you, in search of real inner and outer beauty through –


step by step to consume melilea greenfield organic :

1.Pour approx. 300ml of cold water into a shaker
2.Add 2 scoops of Soya into shaker and shake it.
3.Add 1 scoop of Greenfield Organic & shake well. Drink IMMEDIATELY
4.Take a glass of PLAIN water of the same quantity WITHIN HALF AN HOUR.

Morning (B/fast time) – 7.00am to 8.00am
Take fruits : apples, guavas, Organic

Afternoon (Lunch time) – 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Take fruits : apples, guavas, Organic

Evening / Night (Dinner time) – 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Take fruits : apples, guavas, Organic, vegetables soup

Normal Fasting Therapy :
(1)First Week – Choose 1 day for fasting
(2)Second Week – Fast for 2 consecutive days
(3)Third Week – Fast for 3 consecutive days
(4)Fourth Week – Fast for 2 consecutive days
(5)Fifth Week – Fast for 1 day
(6)Sixth Week – Revert back to time table above

Intensive for those who wants to lose their body weight and minimize their chronic disease.
1. Drink Organic and after 3 days, need to do fasting according to your ability
Example : 3 days drink organic – 4 days fasting.
2. If you are hungry, take organic, apple and guava. In the evening, take mee hoon SOUP / Vegetable SOUP & take a little rice.

What to avoid while taking ORGANIC :
1. Minimize the consumption of medication if it is not necessary.
(antibiotic, cough drops, high blood medicine)
2. Don’t take chicken, beef and mutton.
3. Minimize heavy meals in the morning and night (mee, roti canai, nasi, nasi lemak
and nasi minyak.)
4. Don’t drink the, the tarik, the susu, scientific coffee and nescafe.
(Put up a habit of drinking PLAIN water at least 2.5 liters everyday.)

SUGGESTED Food while taking ORGANIC :
1. Eat Roti Nan, capati, and High-Fiber Bread (brown) or any other stress reducing foods
2. Normal eating habits have to change.
a) Eat LIGHT in the morning.
b) Afternoon – take rice with more vegetables.
c) Dinner time – change to evening.
d) Take LIGHT meal for dinner.

If you follow these schedule, you will gain the followings :
1. Digestive system will be in good order.
(No constipation and feel satisfied after a bowel movement)
2. Skin will be soft, smooth and with moisture.
3. Symptoms will recover.
4. Your body weight will revert back to normal.
5. Your face will be more cheerful, bright and radiant.

Melilea Greenfield Organic is :

Certified 5-Stars ORGANIC / NON-GMO / 100% Vegetarian /
Awarded Superbrands Consumers Choice / Certified HALAL

remember the saying – Prevention Is Better Than Cure
Organic LIfestyle Creates A Healthy Family !
by :
Tan Seng Chai (Kevinn)
Melilea Membership ID (MID) : 1 1 3 3 2 0 4 5
mobile : +6012 7846151
email :


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Authored by kevinn on 19th June 2010

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