My New Chapter in MLM

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My New Chapter in MLM

I have been doing MLM since 19th July 1975. I have joined many MLM Companies. It is not easy to find a 'good' MLM company.

What do I mean by the word 'good'? This is my definition. This is a kind of company I am looking for.

A Good MLM company                                 A Bad MLM company

1. Manufacturing their own products.   1. Do not manufacture their own products.

2. Have their own, office building.          2. Rented office building

3. Have got their AJL already.               3. No AJL but bonuses already given out.

4. Company is run BY the OWNER.       4. Owner knows nothing about MLM.

5. Repeat, consumable products.          5. Non Repeat, Non-consumable products.

6. Servers IN the office itself.                 6. Servers managed by others.

7. A debt free MLM company.                7. Not enough money to start a company.

8. DISTRIBUTOR FRIENDLY plan.         8. COMPANY friendly plan.

What do I mean by DISTRIBUTOR FRIENDLY plan ? Come and visit our blog the next time.

Have a nice day. See you again.

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Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 11th December 2010

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