Multi-Level Marketing in Malaysia

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Today, 31st August 2010, marked our 53rd year of Independence. I like to wish every Malaysian a very Happy Merdeka! as we celebrate and foster our relationship among all races, beliefs and from all unique and diverse cultural background. Unity in Diversity.

Last night, I saw a TV program, called  "I wanna go home" by Wee Meng Chee, better known as Namewee. It is about Namewee's  journey from Taiwan coming back to Malaysia, with a very minimal budget, together with the help from his friends, they struggled to be back to celebrate Merdeka countdown.

In this journey, they met with quite a number of Malaysian who worked in various countries, whom are very proud to be Malaysian and Malaysia has always been their country, their beloved country.

I felt that everyone of us are proud and fortunate to be a Malaysian. I also felt very fortunate too for MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) has been brought down or introduced to Malaysia. I have experienced the works of MLM in myself and also in other people's lives. MLM Industry is beautiful. If it weren't for MLM, I don't know what will I be doing.

Multi-Level Marketing in Malaysia offer one of the greatest business opportunities for all Malaysian. MLM businesses are well accepted here and it is a growing trend.

We have experienced a great deal of both success and failure, the ups and downs of MLM Companies in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, Malaysia is the 2nd most dominate Multi-Level Marketing country in the world. There are newly born MLM companies from overseas, came down to open their market in Malaysia before spreading to the neighbouring countries in Asia.

Malaysia were chosen because of our people are from various races and cultures, and these companies believe, that we can go very far, in term of our languages. Just listen to our people speak, when they buy fish and vegetables in the morning market.

We have Bahasa, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Hokien Dialect, Hindu, Tamil, Sikh, Portuguese and so much more. We have the mix of everything!


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Authored by kevinn on 31st August 2010

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