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Maintainance means sales produced in order to earn an income or bonus.

In MLM marketing plan, there will be a maintainance. It is either personal maintainance, group maintainance or some even both.

But there are companies that doesn’t require any maintainance at all. What do you think if there are such a company? Sooner or later, these kind of companies will be in trouble.

Personal Maintainance is easier to manage because it all depends on yourself to make the purchase of products each month to entitle for bonus. You buy whatever products that you need for your own consumption or products which is most saleable, so you can sell to your customers.

Where as, group maintainance is a little difficult. You will be monitoring your group sales by the end of the month to see whether the sales is adequate for bonus. If its not, you may want to call and help your downlines to make some more sales. What if it is still far from reaching the sales target, then you will have to buy some products for yourself and keep at home.

At times, your maintainance is more than the income that you get. This senario happens to those who are new in the business. For those who already very close to the top, they may not face this kind of difficulty.

For those companies that requires both personal and group maintainance, then you will have to fulfill both personal and group sales each month to entitle for your bonus.


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Authored by kevinn on 26th July 2009

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