Money flow like Water

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Money flow like water. This conversation I heard from a friend, Maslinda.

What is it?

Does Money flow in like water? or Money flow out like water? In Malay Language " Duit Macam Air "  maksudnya – "Duit keluar Macam Air?" atau "Duit Masuk Macam Air?"

When I buy something, when I took out my wallet from my back pocket. ( I used to keep my wallet in my front pocket during school days, not sure why I am not used to keep my wallet in my back pocket.) Anyway, whenever I took out my notes from my wallet to pay for something that I want, I counted how much is left in it.

Two days has past, and I am wondering, where does my RM50.00 notes that I folded and placed in the left side of my wallet? now I can only see a green piece of RM5 note, and a few pieces of RM1 note.

Where my money go?

If we look at our bank book, or should I say, our bank saving passbook, I noticed that there are so many times of withdrawals that we made, compared to the number of deposits.

There is only one line of deposit and there are so many lines of withdrawals, for example :

like there is a withdrawal of RM500 on 1st of August for car installment ,

3rd : RM150 for daily expenses,

7th : Auto deduction of RM100 for life insurance premium,

12th : RM100 for fuel and standby expenses, 

15th : RM35.90 for magazine and some stuff from the shopping mall,

21st : RM250,

25th : RM150 from the Automated Teller Machine, and etc…

Then, by the end of the month, we are almost dry, and we normally will try to survive, spend as little as possible, looking forward for our paycheck.

The cycle goes again for the month and same goes for the next and the next and the next.


by Kevinn Tan

  • Authored by kevinn on 26th August 2010

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