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Early this year, before my dad passed away in April, he did mentioned to me about this new MLM company here in Malaysia started by a young guy from China, and this guy is going to be the richest man in the world one day. Some feeling of hard to believe in achieving wealth is a very short period of time. Later, I came to know about Zhang Jian and his MLM operation.

Zhang Jian



People choose to do MLM, with different purpose.

There are MLM companies, that is product driven. Bonus or income earned monthly by distributors / members from the volume of products sold to the end users or consumers, calculated based on the MLM compensation plan of that company. Consumers enjoy the goodness or the benefits of the products and continue to consume them regularly.

There are MLM companies who attract people who wish to make a lot of money within a short period of time.

What you look for in choosing a MLM company?

Greed. some people are attracted to the fast and easy money. Some prefer a stable long term.

Even though there are MLM companies which have AJL and SSM licence, other licences, etc, still these may not stop them from doing an illegal MLM marketing strategies.

As long as there are no complains from members who claims they lose money, being cheated with the products or cheated by the payout from the promising MLM compensation plan, that would be fine.  If it is otherwise, the authorities will take action to these MLM companies.


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Authored by kevinn on 10th August 2014

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