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Today's front page Exclusive on New Sunday TImes – April 18, 2010

"Big Money on Campus"

and here is my view :

The most important thing about MLM is the Marketing Plan and its strategies. Over the years, new plans have been created and it improves from time to time. It needs a very experience person to create a Marketing Plan, which supercedes the old plans.

This experience person will also evaluate whether a company with this kind of plan can last or not. I have seen a plan and I know it won't last more than a year and true enough.

What will happen to a very established MLM company if you take away its Marketing Plan? I am sure the sales will drop. It is the Marketing Plan that makes the MLM Company grow.

It is impressive if one sees the plan in theory, but in doing it (practical) it doesn't work.

There is no such thing as putting money and making money without recruiting people in MLM.

Why does the money stopped coming in, when one slowed down? It is because one is selling. The moment one stopped selling, the income stopped. One depends on selling to earn a living. He/she should be building an organization by recruiting members. That is what MLM is all about – helping people building an organization.

Binary means two legs and pay by pairing – one left and one right. This kind of plan will have a problem, having a runawayleg.

Never buy and keep stocks. Buy products when you need to eat or somebody placed order to buy from you. You have a buyer and products sold to the end user.

Some joined and recovered their capital, but some don't.

by Hock H.E.Tan
 (MLM involvement since 19th July 1975)

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Authored by kevinn on 18th April 2010

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  1. Barney Macinnes Says:

    Creating prosperity is not a matter of chance or sheer luck but is based on both scientific law and sound financial and business principles.

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