Making Appointments

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You and anyone who are in MLM business or any sort of marketing, should get themselves ready with their tools to do a business presentation to their prospects. This is the most important thing in making that deal or closing a sale, the tools.

The first impression is always the image that you show to your new prospect. Punctuality is one of the most important criteria. Please be there on time, and if you are staying far, you should leave your house early to reach your destination on time to see your prospect. Be clear by being transparent about the purpose of the appointment.

If you were invited by your friend for a drink out of a sudden, there is something he/she wanted to show you. No matter what it may be, some people just don't want to reveal what MLM company they are representing.

Recently, my friend tried to make an appointment with me for his business presentation. He won't tell me what company and what kind of product/services he is dealing with. He insisted me to meet at a certain place and then go to their office. He said " he wanted to show me the office ". I tried to negotiate with him to meet somewhere nearer and more convenient for me because I 'm bringing a friend along with me for that appointment.

When one feel uneasy about the appointment arrangement, one may not go for it.

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Authored by kevinn on 3rd January 2010

One Response to “Making Appointments”

  1. Stanley Tan Says:

    When it comes to making appointments, one has got to be sincere and simple. In other words, the people that you invite, they have got to be very convenient and easy on their side. Once, you do that, people will be obliging and not frustrated.
    And also upon the meeting, make sure your prospect feel very comfortable. That's very important.
    Firstly, you have to self-introduce yourself politely with a hand shake, for example. And your surrounding should be quiet and privacy.
    To me, I will always have a friendly talk first, then with your own discretion, to find out what type of person he/she is. Then, you can start the ball rolling.

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