Make Hay While The Sun Shines

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One late evening, my old friend called me on my mobile, while I was in the Office, doing my work.

He said : ” Hey, is it convenient to talk? “

I said : Yeah… sure.

“Are you still in the office? What are you doing in the Office? ” he asked, and I replied “Yes, I m still in the office, and I am still working.”

He responded : “Wow, Over Time is it? – You will become a Rich Guy , never mind, we meet up some other time,ok – and said :

“Make Hay While The Sun Shines”

I wasn’t so sure, Huh? He repeated  ” Make  Hay  While  The  Sun  Shines “


Make money while you still can. Take that opportunity while you are still healthy and have the ability to do so.

You Make Hay ( cutting, bailing, etc )- Put in the Work or Effort. Do it during the daylight not at night.

“make progress/improvement, while you have the opportunity”. In his conversation, it is more to “Make Money while you have the Opportunity.”

I said ” ok, sorry, we meet up some other time, alright, bye “.

It is never too early or too late to make more money, extra income during your free time, while you can, while you are still young and have all the energy.

Please do not regret later in life, when you come to know that there are not much time left, or you don’t have the energy / health to do what you really want to do / have planned to do. It will be too late.

Perhaps, you give all kinds of reasons for not doing so, perhaps it’s all because you delay, postpone or procrastinate. Saying to yourself ” Hey I am still young and I have all the time in the world and I am capable of doing it later when I retire.”

I know a few friends who ventured into MLM business, after they have retired. Not to say that it is not possible to accomplish great things, but why not start early. } else {

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Authored by kevinn on 24th February 2011

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