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To live is to risk dying.

All of us will die one day. The rich will die, the poor will die. To die rich is better! Those who took risk and became bankcrupt will die, a lottery winner died the next day. No chance to enjoy his life. 

The beautiful will die, the not so beautiful, will also die. All living things and being will die. Their time will come. We have seen some good buddy left us sooner than we expected. That's life.

Live your life, live each day, live one day at a time and treasure every moment. I am glad I woke up this morning.

As you read this, I want you to do me a favour.

What I want you to do now is :

Smile   : )    :  )    :  )    :  ) 

and take deep breath now, inhale slowing… hold your breath… exhale…

do it 3 times and smile at the same time.   :  )  

We are living now!!!

Cheers… take it easy.


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Authored by kevinn on 9th June 2010

One Response to “Treasure Every Moment”

  1. hock Says:

    Buddha says the minute your are born your begin to die.  You are what you think.   Stay healthy and stay happy is very important. First anyone who is born a normal physic  should be thankful and grateful.  Be nice to others around you but be WISE too.  Do not allow others to fool you. There are good and bad people around us.  If you have to say no, say it. Do not feel bad about it, but say it in a 'nice' way.
    I find life every interesting.  You must try to understand people. You never know what they think or feel.  Different  people react differently to the same situation.  The less you argue with others , the better. Just agree with them and you do what YOU  think is right.  Making friends is easy – smile ,give them a treat and there you have, one more friend.
    So if you have to loose a lousy friend, go ahead.  Lousy friends are plentiful, good friends are hard to get.

    The bottom line is ENJOY your life as long as you are alive.

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