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One night, after our dinner, I was resting with my family in our living room, watching TV, together with grandpa. He will normally read his books in his room, but today he’s with us. I was looking at my grandpa, yawning and on the round small table is his favourite black coffee. He will take a couple of sips and stop. He will just throw away the rest of it.

I was wondering, how he has bring up, raise up my dad, brought him to school, until today. And my dad in return taking care of him now.

My dad raise me and my brother until where we are today. He taught us about life. These friends who has blood ties, that stay together, is called family.

There will come a time, when they retire, we as children, it is our duty to take care of them. 

One day, we will stop working, retire, and grow old. And the cycle goes again.


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Authored by kevinn on 28th December 2017

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