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When this concept came into the market, my first impression was "Why didn't I think of that? –  Cafe doing MLM " There are no products involved but only services.

Its a unique way to bring crowd to dine in to the restaurant and the customers will keep on coming back, for they are given food voucher monthly, when they join as a member. (or some called it as a shareholder) The initial investment was quite big but it changes as time goes by, to capture the other group of people. They will earn commissions whenever they introduce other friends to join as member of the cafe.

Many people have different perception of Island Red Cafe today. There are both mixture of good and bad experience.

Island Red Cafe marketing plan can show residual income potential. I know there are people earning this income, but it has to also balance up with the proper handling of the company. The people behind the show is important to make this cafe a success. 

I joined as a shareholder but I didn't bring anyone to join in. I took the risk myself. When things go wrong in any business, the person whom you introduced will normally blame you. This things happened. We hope the management will do something for the benefit of the members.


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Authored by kevinn on 14th November 2009

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  1. kevinn Says:

    Hi Adrian,
    Yes, you can say so. It has been destroyed. Some already make their money and leave the island but some are still there, pocketly (bodily) injured. But I hope the island can probably rebuild with the help of everybody concern.

  2. Hock H.E.Tan Says:

    The island is under construction.  From  Island Red Cafe (IRC)  Now it is called PG Red Cafe.  Same crooks running  the Island. PG stands for Potential Garbage Red Cafe. 

  3. kevinn Says:

    I think its all about the people running the show!

    Management should have the heart for others who are helping them to build the business. There are lots of money to be made out there! If you have a great and unique business idea and do it the RIGHT WAY with integrity, many people believe the company will have a very stable and sustainable long term income.

    The members also will have a long term income. Satisfied members will make the Company stronger in this competitive market.

    If the NEW Management have the thoughts of continuing and profiting from this great business idea and to put things right, I believe, its members will work together and put everything into its place and move ahead and grow! Its a Win Win situation – good for the company and good for its people.

  4. Penang Tionghua Says:

    Where is or was Potential Garbage registered by SSM?
    The whole world knows PG could be Penang or Phaik G**, a famous lawyer and  ex-Ambassador. Now you are saying they are Potential Garbages?
    Make sure one have the Locus Standi to create scandals before opening the garbage which could be very expensive and long for creating scandals.
    If one believes a crime was committed since the word crooks implied criminals, then one must lodge a police report,
    It is an offence under the Malaysian law not to report if one truly have conclusive proofs of a criminal deed. If one does not report then one has committed a criminal offence and per se, render one as crooks. 

  5. Hock H. E. Tan Says:

    Irc was registered under the name of IRC Franchise Sdn Bhd.  somewhere in April 2008.  The one who called himself the owner was Teddy Teoh.  He collected between Rm6,300 to Rm6.900 from each person.  He promised to pay us bonus for 5 years only. But after 1year , he stopped payment.  The irc was taken over by a new management.  The new management DARE NOT come to meet those who paid Rm6,300 . 33 of us made a police report. We reported to the consumers Association of Malacca.  We also got it publilshed in Nan Yang Siang Pau, Sin Chew Jit Poh.  Now  we are thinking of  making claims from the Magistrate Court under the small claims Act.  We will be seeing the officers from SSM on the 30th of this month in  MITC, Malacca.
    If you have joined the binary plan, you are not effected AT THE MOMENT. Anyway for your information they have closed 2 out of 3 outlets in Malacca. The existing one operates on and off.  The doors sometimes half closed. Sometime there is ONLY ONE worker at the counter.

  6. kevinn Says:

    The beginning of Island Red Cafe business when it first started, was very encouraging. It was crowded with people who keep on coming back and the food was good too. Members get their prospects to the cafe and share the business concept.

    A couple of weeks ago, we try to use up my dad's food voucher for lunch in Island Red Cafe. Many of the food items are not available, so we got less choices of food to eat now. There are also people who dine in and take away after that. Most of them are members, very few walk-in customers. I'm not sure how long they're going to last. 

  7. kevinn Says:

    Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Talking about "Food" – Everyone needs to eat and everyone of us feel hungry at the same time. Food Industry is indeed good, if one manage it properly and collect in cash terms.

    Putting their heart into the Food meaning satisfying customer's taste, stomach and value for money meal. This is on Customer Service aspect. True, people make their choices as to where they want to eat.   

    By the way, have you ever been involved in any MLM business? Do share with us. Hear from you soon…

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